How to make money with Apps

Do you want to learn how to make money with Apps? Today we show you how! ⭐ ️ Real money ⭐ ️ No programming ⭐ ️ Android ⭐ ️ iOS

by Aroa Palos

⭐️ Welcome to the most complete guide in which you will discover How to make money with Apps . A guide in which we are going to show you each and every one of the different ways that exist to How to Make Money with Mobile Applications . We want you not only to know them, but also to learn to differentiate them.

We will analyze in depth each of the ways of How to Make Money with Mobile Apps , its profitability, benefits, examples, necessary technology … and much more.

🎁 But first, just to be here, and spend a few minutes, I want to give you this definitive guide on “How to create a Mobile Application Step by Step” . You can download it and receive it by email completely free of charge.

▶ What will you find in it?

  • All the steps you must take into account for the development of an App
  • The costs involved in its development so that you can budget your project correctly
  • Ways to promote it to increase your downloads

At the end of this guide you will find a frequently asked questions section with some of the most common doubts among users.

We started!

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How to make money creating an App

Earning money with Mobile Marketing is possible.

In fact, creating Apps is already one of the businesses with the most projection of the moment. It is relatively simple and is available to anyone .

ALL COMPANIES , regardless of their sector, need a Mobile Application . Especially since Google launched the Mobile First Index .

▶ ️ What is Mobile First?

It is a paradigm shift. Everything we have seen so far – such as Responsive Webs – has become obsolete. Therefore, this change has meant a revolution for the digital and Internet sector .

Specifically, Google, realizing that now more than 80% of online searches were carried out from the Smartphone, changed its algorithm to order the results based on the mobile experience and not to the desktop experience how it had been up to that point.

This means that regardless of how good the Web experience is from a computer, if the mobile experience is not optimized, you will be losing SEO positioning potential.

For this reason, it also launched the progressive technology or Progressive Web Application (PWA) , which combines the best of web technology and native applications. In our blog, we explain everything you need to know about this new technology from Google.

PWAs have been a great opportunity for all those who decide to invest in Mobile Marketing, because now ALL COMPANIES need to adapt to this new model to be visible in the search engine and be competitive. Are you imagining how you can make money taking advantage of the Apps sector?

Well, we are going to see in detail the 4 ways to make money with Apps that exist.

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How to Create an Application and Earn Money

One of the most common ways to Make Money with Apps is Create a Mobile Application to make your business out of it . But, how can you Create an Application and earn money? You should know that it could be through an Application that has a cost for the download, through a free download Application with payments within the App or integrated advertising systems.

How to get money with an App on the Play Store

Both in the Appstore and in the PlayStore, there are millions of Apps of this type, from games to Apps like Uber, Glovo or WhatsApp. The main problem when creating Apps of this type is that you need to generate many downloads to be able to earn money in this way. In addition, this type of Applications must be developed to measure , which supposes an initial investment of many thousands of euros blindly, and I mean blindly, because you will have to make a significant economic investment in the development without know what the return on investment will be.

Well, what points should you keep in mind to develop a custom Native Application?

  • 👨‍💻 Point Nº1 – You will need to hire a team of developers who are knowledgeable in code and master the respective programming languages of both Apple and Android.
  • 💰 Point Nº2 – You will need to have a budget starting at € 50,000.
  • ⏰ Point Nº3 – You will need time. Developing a custom App requires many months of work in development and optimization for each operating system. Although all this will depend largely on the needs that your application requires.
  • 💸 Point Nº4 – Once you have developed and published the application, you will need to have a budget to continually invest in marketing for the launch and advertising of the App.
  • 💳  Point Nº5 – You will need to have a monthly budget of between € 500 and € 1000 for the maintenance of the App (infrastructure, APIS licenses and updates or corrections)

As you may have seen, development of 100% custom native Applications involves very high costs that, in most cases, can only be assumed by multinationals or very strong companies, since the costs are very little accessible.

But this does not mean that you have no chance. In this situation, Hybrid Applications appear as an interesting alternative. If you cannot access the costs of custom native developments , this may be the perfect alternative for you.

📱 What are Hybrid apps?

This type of mobile applications are created with pre-developed native technology , to which specific functions developed with Web programming languages can be incorporated.

🤷 What does this mean?

On the one hand, a tremendous saving in development costs , since the main base of the App will be created with pre-developed technology and will only be development of specific functions in Web programming languages is necessary. The result is a almost tailored solution .

In short, developing a hybrid App is much more faster and economical compared to 100% custom native developments .

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How to earn money with an App

Let’s go with the second way that you can find on How to Make Money with Apps: Create an App FOR an existing business .

In this case, it is not about creating an App to make it your business, but about creating an App for a business that already exists, for example, yours in case you own a small one or medium company.

As we have seen, custom native Applications developments involve very high costs that in some cases can be reduced thanks to Hybrid applications , however, as you may have already deduced , this type of development is not available to small and medium-sized companies.

And in response to this circumstance, we focus on pre-developed technology. With this technology, SMEs can have a Mobile Application since the costs of this technology are perfectly acceptable for SMEs .

Having an App is a comprehensive growth solution for small and medium-sized companies that will allow them to compete with the same mobile marketing strategies used by large companies.

In case you want to go deeper into creation of Apps without Programming I leave you the Guide on How to Create an App

👉 How to Create an App Guide [step by step in 45 minutes] 👈

How to create an App to Earn money

Now, how does a mobile application help the growth of a business? or what is the same, how does it translate into an increase in ROI or Return Investment ?

For this to be well understood, I need to explain to you how the Holistic Growth Cycle of an App works and what functions directly affect the Return on investment .

The Holistic Growth cycle is made up of 4 phases: Acquisition , Experience , Loyalty and Promotion .

🔷 Acquisition Phase

The Holistic Growth Cycle begins with the acquisition stage , or what is the same, with the download of the application by business customers through Promotional materials Posters, flyers, diffusion in Social networks, Newsletters, etc.

🔶 Experience Phase

The first time users access the App they go through a Quick Guide where they are welcomed and where they find compelling reasons to accept the Push Notifications or Geolocation permissions , and they will begin the registration process that will nurture the business customer database. From this moment, customers will begin to interact with the functionality of the App and the business will have a proactive and direct communication channel with its customers.

🔷 Loyalty Phase

The users of the App will begin to experience engagement with the brand and will be more and more loyal to the business, being able to access offers and discounts in a comfortable and simple way through sealing coupons and QRs directly from their devices. mobile phones, and the business will be achieving a greater repetition of visits and therefore an increase in its profits.

🔶 Promotion Phase

After having gone through a satisfactory loyalty experience and having enjoyed everything the business offers them, the users of the App will be the main promoters of the business. They will share the mobile application with their family and friends and through an automated review system they will begin to leave positive evaluations on the most popular portals such as TripAdvisor, Yelp or Facebook, causing new users to discover the business and decide to visit it.

From this moment on, this Holistic Growth Cycle would begin again with the new users who discover the business App through acquaintances, relatives, social networks or through positive reviews on websites. reference.

In short, how can a small business make money with a mobile application? Having an App helps significantly to improve the 6 most important areas of any business:

  • Significantly improve SEO positioning achieving greater visibility and customer acquisition.
  • Increase the percentage of loyal customers thus increasing repeat visits and therefore increasing your income.
  • Improve movement in Social Networks and generate virality
  • Improve business reputation by getting a greater number of positive reviews on the most influential rating portals such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google or Facebook.
  • Strengthen the bond with customers through a proactive and direct communication channel.
  • And ultimately increase the volume of business.

As you can see, this technology has a very positive impact on multiple areas of a business, but which functions most directly affect ROI?

  • 🎁 Loyalty Systems : that increase repeat visits to the business.
  • 📲 Push Notifications : which directly impact customers with offers and discounts and also lend themselves to a multitude of mobile marketing strategies, being able to send geolocated notifications, by geofencing, by user interests, individualized notifications, etc.
  • 📝 Review Marketing : which redirects satisfied App users to leave positive reviews on portals such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google or Facebook, improving the reputation of the business. And, according to a Harvard Business School study, an additional star on Yelp represents an increase between 5 and 9% in the turnover of a business.
  • 📱 Other functions that also affect ROI are cross-national functions such as Food Orders, Store or Reservations functions.

There are multiple strategies to retain customers and grow a business, that is why we have created a Free Training on those strategies that can multiply by 4 the income of a business . We will teach you:

  • How to launch your own Mobile Application without investing in development costs.
  • Mobile Marketing strategies that our clients use to grow their businesses with an App.
  • How to implement a Holistic Growth system in any business with an App.
  • How to take advantage of the mobile revolution to differentiate yourself from your competition and offer the most innovative service to your customers.

In short, you will learn How to Make money with an App for your Business .

Do you want to see our webinar for SMEs for free and learn why a Mobile App is the best solution for your business?

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How to make Applications and Earn money

Third way that we are going to see in this guide on How to Make Money with Apps!

This option is probably the least known of all and consists of Creating and Selling Applications for others, that is, Launch your Own Apps Business.

If you’ve already seen the How To Create An App video, and if you don’t remember, The pre-developed technology allows the creation of applications as powerful as those of Burger King or Zara in a matter of minutes and also without the need to make an investment as high as that required by custom development.

Before the existence of pre-developed technology, SMEs did not have the possibility of having an App for their businesses but, thanks to this technology, it is now possible!

As we have seen, the world has become mobile, it is a reality. Apps already account for more than 80% of the time we dedicate to mobile use globally . Faced with this reality, there is a devastating fact: There are still more than 500 million SMEs that do not have a mobile application for their business, despite the fact that the use of these devices grows exponentially and has undoubtedly become the channel direct communication with customers.

That is the size of the Business Opportunity that has the creation and sale of Apps for small and medium-sized companies, an unprecedented business opportunity that you can take advantage of if what you are looking for is a How to make money with Apps.

Creating an App like Burger King could easily have required an investment of more than $ 150,000 and many months of development. So, imagine the potential behind this business model in which you can create an application as powerful as theirs, in a matter of minutes, without programming, without having to make that high investment and offer it to SMEs for a price between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000.

As you can see, the market is immense, all these small and medium businesses would be delighted to apply the same mobile marketing strategies that large companies use and you could offer it to them with pre-developed technology for a price of between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars .

Do you know what is the saving that a mobile application can suppose to an SME?

  • To start saving on manual reservations, in terms of staff time, who could be dedicating their time to better customer service instead of answering the phone. (Between € 150-€ 300 / month)
  • Savings on orders and payments, regarding the use of POS terminals or dataphones and their commission for their use. (€ 200 -400 / day)
  • Mailboxing, which can easily reach € 1,500 / month between the person who has to deliver and the printer
  • Sending SMS. And it is that any SMS package is super useful but it has a price of about € 300 / month.
  • Loyalty cards, which again you have to invest in printing and have someone to distribute them and this costs between € 250 and € 400 / month.

As you can see, the option of creating Applications for others can be high profitability and a source of Long-term Recurring Passive Income .

If this business model interests you and you want to know more detailed information about this option, we have prepared a Free Training in which we teach you everything you need to know to Successfully Scale a Business of Apps and Generate Passive Income in less than 3 months .

Do you want to see our webinar for Entrepreneurs for free and learn how to set up your own Apps Business?

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How to make money creating Apps: Advantages of becoming a Reseller

If you are looking for How to earn by creating Apps, you should know that joining the Scoreapps Reseller Plan has enormous advantages

In addition to creating a business that encourages the holistic growth cycle, now you have the opportunity to create your own company that brings you HUGE benefits, with short turnaround time, no programming required, and minimal investment risk. Interesting, right?

  • 📈 High profitability : The sale of Mobile Applications is the safest way to earn money creating Apps with a high profitability . It will provide you with great recurring income! You will decide the sale price of the Applications and therefore the benefits you want to receive. You can create unlimited Android, IOS and PWA Applications.
  • 💰 No investment risks : You do not need to invest large amounts of money or time. Thousands of entrepreneurs around the world already benefit from our Reseller program and earn significant recurring income.
  • 💻 No programming required: We use pre-developed technology with more than 55 functionalities that allow you to create Apps in a matter of hours , and with functions that, until now, only Native Applications could offer. In addition, this technology has the latest innovations on the market and is continually updated, so you will always offer a highly innovative product to your customers.
  • 📞 Advice and training : This Program also includes continuous training to help you in the sale of Apps, to know the Mobile panorama, and constant advice from a large team of professionals who will be there to help you in everything you need.
  • 🏠 Business from home : Decide to earn money creating mobile Apps! Now you can run your own business from home. If you set up your own profitable Apps business you can choose the hours and the place from which to manage it. You are your own boss! Now your business will have maximum flexibility and you can direct it from anywhere in the world.
  • 🏆 Booming Business : The sale of Apps has become a great business opportunity and one of the most profitable ways to make money with Apps . The data prove it: it is estimated that by 2022, global Internet use through mobile devices will grow up to 270% .

How to make an App and Earn money in 3 steps:

▶ ️ Step 1. Train yourself with the best material

And together with the most professional team. You will have access to advanced white label and training materials so that you can become a true expert in creating and selling Apps. You’ll find:

  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Presentations
  • Continuously updated training platform

▶ ️ Step 2. Prepare your proposal

Once you have completed the courses, you handle the technology and you know the sector well… It is time to make the proposal for your clients! For this you will have:

  • White label material by sectors for your business meetings
  • Sales courses
  • Training in promotion and sales strategies … validated by our team of professionals and our more than 2,500 Resellers around the world.

▶ ️ Step 3. How to make money with mobile applications without having programming knowledge

With our Drag & Drop , you will only have to drag and drop the elements to design your App or those of your clients. That easy! With our pre-developed technology you don’t need programming knowledge . And all this backed by a specialized support team to help you with any questions.

To help you understand how simple it can be, I leave you this complete Guide on How to Create an App.

👉 How to Create an App Guide [step by step in 45 minutes] 👈

Capítulo cinco

How to Make Money Testing Applications

We come to the fourth way of How to Make Money with Apps: Make money through other Applications.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, I have promised to tell you each and every one of the ways that there are of How to Make money with Apps and this is undoubtedly the least profitable option of all, however, I’m going to give you some examples and I’m going to take you to an article where we talk about all the Apps out there to make money.

We refer to:

  • 📱 Answer surveys, place sports bets, display ads. Obviously you will not get rich with these Applications but they will allow you to raise some money.

That said, in all these Applications you must register and leave data, so I recommend that you always look at the ratings of the Applications and read the reviews of other users to avoid possible scams .

  • ♻ ️ Sell second-hand items. There are also applications with which you can earn money by selling items that you no longer need. Wallapop, eBay or Vinted are some examples.
  • 🤳 Test Applications . Either by downloading them, taking a multiple choice test or even clicking on their advertising

Access here our most complete article on Mobile Applications to earn money

👉 Apps to earn money 👈

As you have seen, there are multiple options to Earn money through other’s Applications , but this option will never give you financial freedom, nor will it become a scalable business, although they can be a very good alternative if you do. you are looking for is to earn extra money.


👌 How much money can you earn with the Apps?

If you are thinking of starting in the Apps business and you are interested in knowing how much money you can earn with Apps, this free training is without a doubt what you were looking for. You will discover:

  • How to launch, scale and automate your Own App Business.
  • How to start from scratch and generate Recurring Income in less than 3 months.
  • The step-by-step strategy that our clients (and ourselves) are applying to scale the results.

💰 How to make an App profitable?

There are many ways to make an App profitable but I am going to name you 6 of the most successful ways:

  • Offer the App for free to acquire a greater number of users
  • Reengage your users with Premium content
  • Through association or sponsorship to have more presence in a certain App
  • Sale of products via App
  • Introducing in-App advertising to receive revenue from that advertising
  • Establishing a price for the download of your Application

🚀 How to make money with Android Apps?

The best way to make money with Android Apps is by creating your Own Business of Applications with pre-developed Technology. You will be able to create very powerful Apps, publish it in the market and offer them to your clients for an average price between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars.

If you are thinking about How to make money with Android Apps you can find more information in the Free Webinar ‘How to Create Your Own Apps Business and Generate Passive Income 100% Predictably ‘.

🥇 How much do you pay for advertising in Android Applications?

It is important that you know that both the AppStore and Google Play will keep 30% of the payment for the App. This means that, for each user who pays for the App, the markets will take 30%.

Imagine that you sell your Android App for € 1. The developer will only receive about 70 cents for each of the downloads. While the market will always receive 30 cents for each download.