Email Marketing to explode your business

Create your lists, communicate with your audience and connect with your clients to sell even better with each campaign. Offer your subscribers a personalized and optimized experience on each device using the smartest drag & drop builder.

Discover what works best via Analytics and A / B Testing and interact effectively with your lists automating the entire process.

Impact your audience, build a strong brand and scale your business.

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Email Marketing to explode your business

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All you need to do is write
Powerful drag & drop editor and predesigned templates

All you need to do is write

Start from scratch, choose a template that matches your niche or get inspired and customize everything to your liking. Create powerfull emails and campaigns in minutes with messages that look great on any device.

Design like a pro without having programming knowledge by dragging sections, content blocks and graphic elements with ease. Or choose from hundreds of attractive templates and focus just on writing your message.

  • Structure your content
  • Add photos, videos, bottons, etc.
  • Copy, paste and save your best designs and reuse them at any time
  • Edit text, colors, fonts, styles etc.

Grow with NO limits

Professional email marketing to get started or to target your ideal customers with the best automations, adding tags and additional fields . Connect it with your CRM and understand how your subscribers interact using incredibly easy analyzing tools.

Design, copy & paste

Design, copy
& paste

Create personalized emails or get started with our large library of professional predesigned templates. For any kind of business.

Organize, tag  & measure

Organize, tag
& measure

Create lists, tag your subscribers without limit using the CRM. Get to Know your audience better and send them the valuable content they are expecting.

Automate your email marketing

Automate your email

Design personalized campaigns based on client behavior. Control everything you send, who you send it to and increase your email opening rates.

Analyze, optimize & grow

Analyze, optimize
& grow

Launch A / B Testing and find out with real data which strategy works best for you and make the smartest decisions to grow day after day with each campaign.

Highest email delivery rates

Highest email
delivery rates

Due to our reputation and the Amazon servers that we use. More emails in your clients inboxes, more clicks and more conversions.

Connect all your marketing tools

Connect all your
marketing tools

All integrated with Scoreapps solutions such as Apps, Funnels or Ecommerce to make things easier than ever.

Higher conversions with the lowest effort

Higher conversions with the lowest effort

Transform your email marketing strategy into a powerful automated conversion system . Offer the best user experiences to your subscriber lists so that they interact with you: welcome emails, first purchases, abandoned cart, best clients, recommendations ...

Impact the right person's inbox with the smartest message and at the best time in your customer journey. Scheduling sequences, editing conditions, delaying shipments, and setting goals in just a few clicks.

  • Trigger email sequences in the right moment
  • Strenghten your relationship building confidence
  • Enjoy the highest email oppening rates and nurture a two way conversation
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Standard campaigns and A / B Testing

Clicks, oppenings rates and purchases

Establish an immediate connection with your subscribers launching regular campaigns and doing A / B Testing.

Achieve your marketing goals by sending the right type of email on each occasion: transactional, automated sequence, promotional, corporate, newsletters, etc.

Provide effectiveness with the A / B Tests. Find out which version of the Subject line and content works best and apply it based on the data provided by your different campaigns.

To ensure that your emails hit your clients inbox, we rely on Amazon's servers performance.

Yes! emails that are more than welcome
Subscribers, lists, and targeting

Yes! emails that are more than welcome

Sending personalized emails allows you to build a strong subscriber list and start growing it on autopilot. When you use an effective tool that enables you to send exclusively what each person wants to read, your conversion rates explode.

Classify and edit your contacts asigning tags to qualify them and increase engagement by sending emails only to specific groups. You won't waste a single lead or burn your list.

Group, order, import, export, send and automate. Get to know your users and talk to each group about what really matters to them.

You will get breathtaking results.

Does this really work? Try it NOW
A/B Testing and Campaign analytics

Does this really work? Try it NOW

No assumptions. Discover what works best using A / B Testing campaigns: try different subjects, different email content, different buttons and multiple designs ...

The analyzed data will help you understand how your audience is interacting:

  • Email oppening rates

  • Unsubscribed contacts

  • Nº of clics

  • How many our sent to spam

  • Bouncing rates

You can analyze the performance of your campaigns, learn from the behaviour of your different lists and make the smartest decisions to improve your marketing actions.

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Connect with all your online marketing

Because its crucial for you to master the software you use every day. Email Marketing and automations can be easily integrated with the most popular online marketing tools and web services.

Our system integrates with your CRM and intuitively syncs with each of Scoreapps tools. The ones you really need to be relevant on the internet and sell successfully as an online entrepreneur, infoproducer, marketer or agency owner:

  • Mobile Apps

  • Websites

  • Sales Funnels

  • Landing pages

  • Ecommerce

Everything works within the same platform, improving your customer experience and avoiding work flow errors, disconnections and common software conflicts.

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Connect with all your online marketing