Build a website that´s

Wondering why most websites never generate a consistent flow of dream clients? With so many people waving the same flag out there, if you really want to grow online you need a lot more than a simple website. Scoreapps is the only all-in-one platform that guarantees you a 300% conversion rate growth. Want to know why?.

Website Builder

Much more than a simple website

Currently the average conversion rate on the Internet is below 1%. That means that for every 100 visits, 99 exit your page without buying. And that’s assuming that your website loads in less than 3 seconds. With Scoreapps you can launch fast speed loading landing pages that help you turn 40% of those visitors into leads or paying clients that you can then nurture with email sequences or push messages using your own mobile App.

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Instant loading websites

If your website takes more than 5s to load, your losing 50% of your chances.

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Sales Funnels

Double your conversion rate by integrating stunning sales funnels.

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Booking System

Offer your visitors a complete calendar for booking your services.

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Your own Mobile App

Native apps and PWA to engage your clients like the greatest companies do.

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CRM & Memberships

CRM, subscriptions and private membership area for your community.

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Email Marketing

Nurture your leads and fire up your conversions on autopilot.

Build a website in minutes or design with no limits

Our website builder is extremely easy to use. You won’t need design or programming knowledge to craft an impressive website and add tons of animations in a matter of minutes.
And if you already have experience and want to add your own code or integrate it with other APIs, Scoreapps is definitely your perfect match

Design websites in minutes
Fire up your conversions with s funnels

Skyrocket your sales with sales funnels

If you really want to grow online, you urgently need Sales Funnels. Fire up your conversions, generate bookings, increase the average value of your ticket and lower your customer acquisition costs.

Launch all kinds of lead generation and sales funnels in the easiest way with a series of specially crafted templates that convert like crazy.

Your own Mobile App

This is not an App with Scoreapps branding from which to display your own content. When we say your own App ... we really mean YOUR OWN APP. Customize down to the last detail and add as many features as you wish.

  • Register Users

    Get to know your users in depth with the Registration function and impact them with powerful mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Automatic Reviews

    Get positive reviews on autopilot and improve the reputation of your website and also the relevance and positioning of your business.

  • Ordering System

    Customize your orders down to the last detail in prices, menus or ingredients, and boost your income.

  • Push Messages

    Impact more users by displaying engaging messages on the screens of their diffferent devices. Send messages individually, to groups, by interests or depending on shipping areas.

  • Engagement Systems

    Create a strong connection offering QR codes or stamp cards that can be fully customized. Your clients will never want to leave!

  • Business Intelligence

    Make smart decisions due to the behavior of your user, analyzing data and optimizing thw whole process to ensure the highest ROI.

Hundreds of templates specially designed to convert

Launch your website and your sales funnels from scratch or simply choose any of our high converting templates, all predesigned by our in-house team of experts to help you turn your visitors into clients with ease.







Easy and efficient Email Marketing

Provide a fully personalized experience for your customers in just a few clicks.

Designing engaging emails and newsletters is just the tip of the iceberg. With our exclusive emailing tool you can set up powerful automations to send the correct message to the right person at the perfect time. All you need to do is drag and drop.

Designing engaging emails and newsletters
Bookings service manager

Bookings and service manager

The booking system allows you to lower costs by automating the different appointments and services.

This way your clients can book a call or schedule any kind of service directly from a calendar that’s integrated in your Website, your App or inside any step of your Sales Funnel.

CRM to manage your leads and clients

Track all the different Leads from your Website or sales Funnel.

Scoreapps provides a customizable CRM so you can have all your contacts in the same place.

Manage your leads and clients

Dozens of tools included.
Hundreds of integrations.

Scoreapps includes hundreds of pre-developed integrations, Zapier and webhooks that connects our platform with any other service you may be using.