Available features

Create the perfect application for your business by dragging and dropping the features that interest you the most. All the available features are ROI oriented and therefore designed to grow your business.

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Different features that are available in the constructor
A mobile with the home screen of an application for the user identification feature
Icon showing a left hand

Identify users

Thanks to the registration feature you will be able to get to know your users in depth and impact them with powerful marketing campaigns. You can also use it as a tool to generate leads and improve the user experience. In addition, it allows registration through the main social networks, which will give you more information about their profiles.

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Mobile store

Integrate your current ecommerce within the App or create your m-commerce from scratch. With this feature you will receive and manage orders from any device, as well as integrate the main ecommerce solutions and payment gateways. Thus, your customers will be able to place orders in real time from the PWA or by downloading the App.

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A mobile with a furniture store display for mobile store functionality
A mobile with the home screen of a hamburger restaurant App for the food ordering feature

Food ordering

Increase the number of orders by putting all your products in view of your customers in your App thanks to this function. Customize every aspect of your orders, down to the last detail in prices, menu or ingredients, and watch your revenue increase while you keep track of all your business operations.

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Booking manager

Advanced integrated system that facilitates the booking request of your customers and improves the internal management of your company. Receive payments directly through the App and get a direct return on investment. In addition, you can manage your appointments from the control panel and receive notifications by email or directly in the management App.

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Mobile screen with a calendar to be able to make a reservation representing the reservation management feature
Screen of a mobile with the different platforms where reviews can be left for the review marketing functionality

Generate reviews

Get positive reviews on autopilot and improve the reputation of your website with this feature, which will allow you to optimize the local positioning of your business. In addition, the review system is integrated with Google, Yelp, Facebook and Tripadvisor so you can attract new customers through the experiences told by others.

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Push notifications

Reach your users more directly with messages on the home screen of their devices. This effective system allows you to receive messages without using the App, and is designed to send messages segmented according to your target audience. You will be able to send individual messages and personalize them, as well as group messages by tastes, interests and areas. In addition, this function allows you to add images and offer coupons, which will attract new customers and build loyalty among your existing ones.

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Display of a cell phone and smartwatch with a 2-for-1 message on dinners for push notification feature
Screen of a mobile with a map that has different points marked for points-of-interest functionality

Points of interest

With this function you can geolocate and locate the relevant points of your business on a map. Thus, users will be able to access detailed descriptions of each point: opening hours, contact, personalized pages, etc.

Guide customers through the GPS of their phone, sending directions to those points through the App.

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Social wall

Increase user interaction in your App by using the chat wall feature. Through it they will be able to communicate with each other through comments, questions or even by sharing photos. In addition, with this tool you will receive feedback from your customers, which will help you to enhance the strengths of your business and improve its weaknesses.

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Screen of a mobile with different customer conversations for the social wall feature
Screen of a cell phone with sections of different types of music for the music feature


Share and sell music tracks within your App. Import, upload and link sound files, and integrate it all easily with this feature, which allows you to enable audio playback in the background so users can listen to playlists outside of the App.

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Create a calendar with the upcoming events of your business and include all the important information so that users have it at hand and can consult it: date, price, schedules, etc.

With this function users can directly save the events in the calendar of their mobile device and not miss any.

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Display of a cell phone with the events there are in a day for the event feature
Screen of a cell phone with the loyalty zone with stamps from a mobile application


Strengthen engagement with your customers naturally through an advanced loyalty system in your App, using GPS and QR coupon or stamp card techniques that you can customize as much as possible.

Get your customers to come back again and again with this feature and get an immediate ROI.

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Looking for more features?

The platform has hundreds of features and integrations that give rise to infinite possible combinations. Create a unique App for your business or become a reseller, and design unlimited Apps for your customers.

All of them, different.

  • Icon of a T with some dialogue bubbles to represent the translation feature

    Transalate up to
    5 languages

  • Megaphone icon to represent the assessment feature


  • Icon of a building to represent the private App store feature

    Private App

  • Icon of a pen to represent the electronic signature feature


  • Mailbox icon to represent your business information functionality

    All the information
    about your business

  • Icon of a locator to represent the direction feature

    Include all
    your addresses

  • Icon of an exclamation mark to represent the multimedia content feature

    Enter content

  • Icon of a pink phone to represent the call feature

    Call buttons

  • Login icon for functionality to link social network profiles

    Connect your
    social media

  • Icon of a pink envelope to represent the newsletter feature

    Newsletters to
    capture users

  • Icon of an rss signal to represent the network feed feature


  • Youtube logo icon to represent the Youtube channel feature

    Launch your YouTube channel

  • Icon of a pink key to represent the real estate feature

    Imports data
    real estate

  • Icon of a cup to represent the sports data feature

    Compute results

  • Icon of a golf bag to represent the golf users feature

    Golf users

  • Icon of a calculator to represent the tip calculator feature

    Tip calculator

  • Icon of a headset to represent the podcast feature

    Podcasts for
    your audience

  • Icon of a microphone to represent the voice recording feature

    Record and
    send audios

  • Post-it icon to represent the notepad feature


  • Document icon to represent PDF feature

    your PDFs

  • Icon of a triangle to represent the sharing feature

    your App

  • Icon of chopsticks with a piece of shushi to represent food features

    Includes meal

  • Icon of some graphics to represent the analytics feature of the App

    about your App

  • Pin icon to represent the geolocation feature

    Mark with
    geolocated pins

  • Icon of a house to represent the mortgage calculator feature

    Calculate your

  • Icon of a magnifying glass to represent the quick guide feature

    Quick guide
    about your App

  • Icon of a form to represent the custom forms feature


  • Dialog bubble icon to represent the push notifications feature

    Log sending push notifications

  • Icon of a photo camera to represent photo and video sharing functionality

    Share photos
    and videos

  • Icon of a rudder to represent the Skipper function

    manage your App

  • Newspaper icon to represent the news function

    Share news
    about your industry