How to create an App in minutes for IOS and Android

Apps like Uber, Tinder, Facebook, Zara, Glovo… Apps for shops, restaurants… Whatever you want. Imagine an elite team of programmers working for you 24x7. The same technology that until now only big companies could afford… at your fingertips and without programming. You just have to drag and drop.

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How to create a Free App step by step

With Scoreapps you can create any type of App in minutes without investing money in development, programmers or interface designers. Create your own App and pay only for maintenance if you decide to publish it. From Business Applications to social networks or Uber-like Apps. A custom App costs tens of thousands of euros and many months of development. Well, that's over. There are no limits. Try it.

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    Apps for online stores

    Sell products or services from your own app.

  • Icon with a car and a phone representing app like uber

    Apps like Uber

    Manage Taxi services with an App.

  • Icon with a hamburger representing food ordering feature

    Food delivery Apps

    Skyrocket your sales with your own delivery system.

  • Icon with a calendar representing the booking feature

    Boocking Apps

    Optimize the whole process with automatic appointments.

  • Icon of a special app for Gyms

    Apps for gyms

    Offer your clients the best service.

  • Icon of a health app

    Business Apps

    Clinics, dentists, hair dressers, real estate etc.

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    Build Turism Apps and Businesses Guides.

  • App icon with membership system

    Online Courses

    Build your own Elearning App.

  • Icon of a community of people representing the social media feature

    Social Media

    Build your own Tinder or Social Network.

Step 1: Use templates or create your custom App

Give your App a name and customize your design. With Scoreapps you are not limited to the use of templates. You could create thousands of Apps without writing a single line of code and all different. You can opt for a simple design in a matter of minutes, but if you want something more exclusive, you can customize every pixel of your application. You can even customize the onboarding that users will see the first time they use your App. Design a unique user experience.

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Step 2: Add all the functions you want to your Mobile App

A custom App with 8 or 10 functions could involve more than 10 months of development… With Scoreapps you can create it in minutes. You don't have to do anything but drag and drop. Online Store, Reservations, Geolocation, Orders, Forms, Push Messages Image and video galleries, Courses, Subscriptions, Social Networks… etc. And if you need something more, you can embed external solutions or connect Scoreapps with other tools.

Includes specially designed features to skyrocket your revenue

Step 3: Publish your App on IOS, Android and PWA

When you have your Application ready you just have to click. Publishing an App on the AppStore and on Google Play is an increasingly complex publishing process. The Appstore review teams request more and more changes and positioning the Apps properly is a crucial but extremely complex task. That's why at Scoreapps we take care of the most complex part of publishing your App on Appstore and Google Play.

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Create ultra-fast PWAs and without publication

Progressive Web Apps are Mobile Applications created with web technology and that do not need to be published in the markets of Applications. They combine the best of both worlds. Fast, light, indexable in the search engines and do not have to pass any review by Apple or Google. Try our PWAs for free for 7 days.

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Control Panel to update your App

We have developed the most advanced analytics system that exists for mobile applications, including usage data by function and by platform, so that you can make decisions based on the most detailed information. And a once you know what you want to change, whether content or functions, you can make updates in a matter of seconds.

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Analysis and mobile marketing tools

From integrations with social networks or email marketing to systems for generating reviews and personalized push messages. Manage your own mobile marketing campaigns and multiply your results in record time.

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App builder screenshot for creating mobile marketing campaigns

Monetization options for your App

Once you have created your application, the next step is to define how you will generate income. With an effective monetization strategy, you can turn your application into a business or a viable source of passive income. There are different ways to monetize applications that fit different types of projects and audiences.

  • Integrated ads: This is one of the most common and effective ways to generate income

  • Subscriptions: Offering exclusive content or additional features in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription can be a great way to monetize your app.

  • In-app purchases: Allowing users to buy virtual goods or services within the app opens an important stream of income.

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Marketing strategies for your App

Visibility is a crucial challenge for the success of your Mobile App, but with an effective marketing strategy for apps, it is possible to stand out and capture the attention of the target audience. Taking advantage of the tools of promotion of applications and applying well-planned mobile marketing strategies are essential steps to achieve positive results and ensure success in the app store. The basis of an efficient marketing strategy lies in the combination of different methods and platforms to reach a wide audience.

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Capture customers by creating a Funnel or Website for your App

Once you have your Application ready, you can promote it by creating a Website or a Funnel with our Website Builder in a matter of minutes. Use our templates to create a website or make it from scratch with upsells, downsells, email tracking or any other step you want.







Webhooks and thousands of integrations via Zapier

Scoreapps has hundreds of pre-built integrations, Zapier and Webhooks to connect our platform with any other service you are already using.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can create a mobile application using tools like Scoreapps that offer drag and drop systems to build your app without programming, making the process easy even for users without technical experience.

It is important to define the purpose of your app, perform a market analysis, and understand your target audience to create effective monetization strategies that ensure that your application is a success.

The application should follow user-centered design principles, taking into account the needs of the target audience.

App builders simplify the process of creating applications, the process of publishing your app and allow a quick customization without the need to write code or hire developers, in addition to offering a wide range of features, options to create projects and functions ready to integrate into the app. In addition, the app builder of Scoreapps also includes tools for the creation of high quality websites and funnels. Creating applications has never been easier. And you won't have to worry about the infrastructure whether you have 500, 1,000 or a billion users. You can use all the functions and you won’t have to pay add ons. Single rate to cover all your needs.

Scoreapps allows you to fully customize the design of your App and its image in the app store, allowing you to adjust the design and aesthetics to align them with your branding and corporate message through an easy-to-use interface.

You will be able to preview your App on your own device and ask for feedback from some of your trusted users or beta testers who will also be able to test that version of the project on their devices before launching a final version and thus test all the customization options.

To distribute Apps in the markets, the process includes meeting certain requirements depending on the operating system and following the necessary steps of each store, in addition to applying ASO techniques to improve visibility and attract potential users. Keep in mind that you will also need to create an Apple developer account and a google play developer account to create Android Apps.

Using mobile marketing strategies such as social media campaigns, content marketing and paid advertising are effective to increase the visibility of your app and attract new users.

You have various options such as in-app ads, purchases and subscriptions. Scoreapps facilitates the integration of these monetization systems.

A mobile app builder allows you to create an app without coding knowledge. Using app builders, you can bring your idea to the digital world in a simple and fast way, which is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It is key to track the behavior and preferences of the user through metrics analysis, as well as adopt periodic update strategies to adapt the application to emerging needs and maintain the interest of the users.