Description of a Mobile Application: How to Get Downloads [Many +]

Having a good description of the application is a crucial part for optimizing positioning in the markets.

by Aroa Palos

Do you have an App and would you like to get more downloads and improve your ASO positioning ?

Developing a good description of your App is crucial to rank your application well in different markets and get users to download it.

Discover in this post the best techniques to develop the description of a Mobile Application. I assure you that with these definitive tricks … your App will get many more users!

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The ASO and the Description of an App

The optimization of the ASO – App Store Optimization – or positioning in the markets depends in part on the description you make of your application.

Before starting, when doing App Marketing it is important to differentiate between the description of an App for a local business and the description for any other type of app.

Keep in mind that for a local business it is not so important to be found in the markets as it is to be recognized by your own current clients.

For example, if you are the owner of a local pizzeria, what you want is that your regular customers can easily recognize your application when they search for it to download the App on Google Play or App Store.

example of how to make the description of an App

Get more downloads: Description of the business in your Mobile App

The most important thing to note is that you have 255 characters to convey the value of your application . That’s about 3-4 lines of text that a user can see in the App profile without having to open the full description.

This first block of the description is known as “above the fold” and is the text that is shown to the user without them having to dig deeper . Users will only click the “more” button if the initial text powerfully catches their attention or intrigues them.

Unfortunately, less than 2% of market users open the full description of the application. For this reason, the description of your application, especially the first three sentences, should convey the value of your application and appeal to the needs of your customers.

Note: Keep in mind that the description of a mobile application can only be applied in the native Apps, and not in the PWA , since the latter have different characteristics.

Description of Apps in Google Play and App Store

The description of the application is closely related to search queries in both the App Store and Google Play, but both have different algorithms.

In Google Play , the description is very important for ranking in search results. Google will extract keywords from this text to decide its category and relevance. Make sure to add the keywords in the first lines of the description of the application in a natural way.

In the App Store, iOS doesn’t parse the app description for keywords. In this case, the “keywords” field will be the most important place to include keywords. Isn’t it a good idea?

However, this does not mean that you should leave them out of the description in the App Store. If someone searches for an iOS app on Google, they would still use the app’s description to determine the search results.

Tips for making a description of mobile applications

If you want to have more options when it comes to monetize an app , you should follow these tips related to the description:

  • Rewards: The best methods for app marketing includes offering an instant reward to customers for downloading the app. For example, “10% discount on your first order when you download the application.” The app description is a great opportunity to highlight these types of rewards or offers. Customers will see the value of downloading the app as soon as they see it.
  • Location: As we have commented before, your clients must be able to recognize you in the markets. Although the first thing users notice is the application icon, they will likely scroll to the description later to make sure they are downloading the correct application. For this reason, you should make a brief introduction to the business, including the location (that is, “Pizzería Lola” in Pozuelo, Madrid).
  • Main features: Even if your application has 20 different functionalities, you have to focus on mentioning only the main features. You can highlight each of these features by showing how it will help your customers. Making use of bullet points helps fast reading from mobile devices.
  • Credibility: The best way to do this is by including some positive customer feedback. This third-party endorsement will help build credibility when there are no reviews for the app.
  • Narration: According to the magazine Entrepreneur , “the narration of the description should be from the point of view of the user.” You have to be able to imagine how you would use the App and thus write its characteristics.

Description of a mobile application: Examples

ByMascota, pet shops

The description of your mobile application is very complete and allows you to get more downloads :

“Pet stores dedicated to the special care of pets. Locate your nearest store with quality food and accessories and additional hairdressing and veterinary services. Book our services from the App, get discounts for purchases or simply share photos of your pet with us to be part of our family wall of pets”

And they also indicate everything that can be done with their mobile application:

“- Find your nearest ByMascota store
– Easily contact your nearest store
– Reserve day and time for the hairdresser
– Reserve day and time for veterinary consultations
– Check bonuses to receive free products and promotions in your usual store
– We inform you about events of interest
– Online shopping
– Register your pet to receive filtered offers especially for your pet.
– Share your pet’s photo with our community to be ByMascota’s pet of the month
– Subscribe to our social channels
– Find out about how to create your own pet store in your city
– Get special promotions from your nearest store “

They end with the following statement:

“With this app you will get the most out of our ByMascota stores”


A similar case happens with the following description:

“All the information about the San Roque Festivities in Calatayud in the palm of your hand.
Check the party program, the contests, take a look at the photo galleries, receive messages of interest, send a comment or the photos you take during the parties.
Festivals declared of regional tourist interest”


The last example of an App description that we show you is that of this Japanese restaurant:

“Welcome to the Dsushi APP, where you can try the most authentic dishes of Japanese cuisine; you have never had such a variety of options so close and with such remarkable quality.”

In our Menu, you will find from the most classic starters (such as’ Edamame ‘, our unique’ Miso ‘soup, the tastiest’ Yakitori ‘, our famous’ Gyoza’, various types of ‘Yakisoba’, to the freshest ‘Sashimi ‘and’ Nigiri ‘, the famous’ Maki’ and a wide and original offer of ‘California’ and ‘California Gourmet’ that will delight the most demanding palates and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine.

We are endorsed by the experience, dedication and expertise of our chefs who came from Asia to offer you a unique culinary experience in Barcelona.

Make your order and receive the most authentic Sushi in Barcelona comfortably at your home ”

As you can see, it is a fairly complete description that even includes some of their dishes. And that has a closure that fully calls the action :

“Don’t believe us, check it out!”

If you follow this simple template you will be able to write a description that works very well in your application:

SMB Apps description template

  1. A good promotion that invites you to download the App
  2. Name of your restaurant, its location and a unique value
  3. A brief description of the main functionalities of the App, that is, what will the app downloads get?
  4. Add the best review or opinion of one of your clients – Name
  5. If your app includes the geolocation option, do not hesitate to include it, as it is a value that will differentiate you from your competitors.

How to make the description of an App

How to present an App

In this article you have learned everything you need to know about how to present an App to potential clients. Now you should be clear that making a description of your mobile application is a fundamental part, almost as key as the services offered by your own App. Ultimately, writing a good description of an App is as important as any other part of the process. By spending a little time writing the description you can get more downloads of your App and get more engaged users.

If your goal is make a successful app follow the advice of Entrepreneur magazine:

“Try the description of your application store as the advertising image of your product, in which you have to motivate your customers to download and use the product ”.