Infoproducts: How to make a living from your knowledge creating and selling digital products

The mega guide that includes everything you need to know to create and sell infoproducts successfully and 100% profitably from scratch.

by Joaquín Rodríguez

Are you tired of surviving giving hours of life for money to other people?

To think that your talent has much more travel than that tiny space in which you spend yourself day after day …

Surely it is not the first time that you have imagined escaping from that insufferable routine, but the reality is that you do not even know where to start.

Luckily, today I have set a mission for myself.

That of teaching you step by step how you can definitely say goodbye to the hamster wheel and start living from what you are really passionate about by packaging your skills and buying them in a digital market full of opportunities.

Has anyone already said infoproductos?

What are infoproducts?

They are digital products that solve a problem or concern for the consumer, providing them with the necessary value to overcome that obstacle that is preventing them from moving forward in their personal or professional life.

An online course is the best example of what an info product is.

The rise of infoproducts

The rules of the game have changed. The way we teach, learn and sell training products has undergone an unprecedented transformation with infoproducts clearly leading the way.

We are, therefore, facing a new digital world in which the growing demand for immediate training is taking millions of physical businesses ahead.

These cannot compete on equal terms because they are much more expensive to maintain and also have a slower and limited response capacity.

Why is the info-product a good sales tool?

Continuing with the example of the online course, unlike traditional training, an online program is a 100% digital good, that is, it does not require your physical presence to be able to consume it, nor does it require books or academic material that implies having enough stock to every moment.

There are no inventories, nor are logistics or courier services involved.

To take an online course, the client only needs 2 very simple things:

  1. Internet connection to view the content.
  2. Access to the virtual campus where the explanatory videos and the downloadable material included in the program are housed.

This is what the interior of our own virtual campus looks like.

As you will see, from here all our students can comfortably access the lessons of the different courses we teach.

You can also host your knowledge at Scoreapps and charge your customers for a content service that you DO NOT have to satisfy in person.

Reasons why you have to create an info product

There are many reasons to start evaluating the possibility of creating your own digital product, but 3 are undoubtedly the factors that stand out in this business model:

  • They are products of very easy distribution . Your purchase is accompanied by immediate access to content, so shipping costs are eliminated and delivery delays are avoided.
  • They are very profitable . They allow you a wide profit margin, since you do not have to pay those third parties who normally intervene in a traditional production chain and who end up eating your profits.
  • They are 100% scalable . Its supply is unlimited. You can sell the same course to one person or a million people without affecting your distribution capacity in the least. This allows you to grow by leaps and bounds.

Main myths about digital products

Infoproducts offer endless market opportunities, but they are also surrounded by a certain mystique and false promises that should be taken into account when assessing your real possibilities in this world.

  1. Easy money . Without a doubt the number one enemy of this business model. The network is full of gurus who promise quick enrichment without leaving your home. If you manage to evade and see beyond this superficial discourse, you will discover that with a good offer and a good strategy it is possible to sell online profitably and consistently.
  2. Total autonomy . No business is 100% autonomous, no matter how many automations it may have. There will always be a human component that involves modifying the things that do not work and above all the constant monitoring of the performance of your online sales.
  3. Without schedules . You may be able to control certain things while lying in the sun in the Caribbean, but you will need some work discipline to plan and attend to tasks related to your digital product. As flexible as your schedules may be, it is still a business that you will have to attend to properly.
  4. Zero experience . You have heard a thousand times that anyone can start online without experience or knowledge. A statement that is very far from reality. To offer something brilliant you first have to know how to count it and sell it equally brilliantly.
  5. High cost . Like any other business, creating info products requires an initial investment. If you want to give visibility to your info product, advertising costs are important. The key is to cover the acquisition costs of your potential clients as soon as possible. This is called breaking-even, and once you do, you start to enjoy real benefits.

Imagen en la que aparecen varios tipos de infoproductos populares

Advantages of infoproducts

The number of advantages of a digital product over the sale of physical items is almost uncountable, but here are its main benefits:

  • They are for immediate consumption

The purchase of the info product is accompanied by direct access to the content. There are no delays in providing the purchased good. It is a fast and very comfortable process for both parties involved.

  • Profitability does not depend on time

You don’t need to spend 12 hours a day in an office to make your business viable. Once you put your info products in circulation, you can scale without limits without having to dedicate extra hours to each of those new clients.

  • Self-financing

It is a business model that grows thanks to the sales it generates. A good part of the profits is always destined to the capture of new leads, which in turn generate new sales.

Let’s say that the business is receiving feedback and does not depend so much on external financing or banking entities to continue operating.

  • Sales day and night

Infoproducts allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted income stream that is never subject to business hours or impaired on holidays. Your business is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, even if you are sleeping or on vacation.

  • There are no shipping costs

Its distribution is 100% digital, so you do not incur shipping and logistics costs.

  • You can grow without having to hire more staff

You can supply unlimited customers without affecting business performance. You do not need to pay additional labor when you reach large billing volumes. A single product can be delivered in the same time and form to millions of people around the world.

  • You don’t need a physical space

You do not have to rent a commercial space or a warehouse to be able to keep stock. It is enough to have an internet connection to access the virtual tools and platforms that will make possible the creation, distribution and consumption of the contents of your info-product.

  • Infinite opportunities

With the infoproducts, thousands of training topics can be covered that to date had no place in traditional training.

To give an example, today you can sell a Photoshop course indistinctly to a person from Spain or Mexico. They do not have to coincide in a classroom, so they can receive the same value even when they are millions of miles apart.

It would be very difficult for a photographic design program to find its place in a face-to-face training center, firstly because of how limited this niche is, and secondly because it would have very little demand in the area. However, its online distribution allows you to cross borders and enjoy an inexhaustible market.

Who can become an infoproducer?

Anyone who has a range of knowledge or skills on a specific subject can now value the possibility of packaging their personal experience and trying to earn a living by sharing it with the world.

But beware, this does not mean that becoming an info producer is an easy task.

To create successful digital products, you have to know how to communicate that experience correctly, manage to transmit it constructively to other people and above all have a huge sense of responsibility when it comes to meeting the needs that a 100% digital business demands.

Is it better to be an info producer or an affiliate?

It is not the same to be directly responsible for the creation, promotion and growth of an info-product, than to limit yourself exclusively to making money by referring third-party products.

Digitalkickstart is a company that creates information products that has a certain reputation in the United States. Its popularity has grown over the years and today it has a strong network of affiliates around the world.

This is your main landing page, in which in addition to promoting your different digital products, you have an access link for all your affiliate sellers.

Imagen de la parte superior de la página principal de digitalkickstart

That is the main difference between seller and affiliate seller.

An affiliate seller does not have their own product or is responsible for distributing it to the end customer, they simply take care of promoting it properly so that the sale is closed and can charge a commission for it.

Think carefully about your goals and whether or not you want to specialize in a single niche or have the ability to sell several different types of digital products at the same time as affiliates do.

Unlike info producers, who usually start by creating a single product and gradually scale up, affiliates have the ability to search the market for desirable products and promote them simultaneously from day one.

While the infoproducer maintains a relationship with the client and has greater control over the business, the affiliate is limited exclusively to connecting the infoproduct with the buyer so that the sale takes place and can then collect his commission.

Once the sale is closed, the affiliate is released from the commitments derived from that transaction and it is the infoproducer who responds to any incident related to the product in question.

But info producers and affiliates also have several things in common, such as the fact that they always have to perfect their digital marketing knowledge.

In addition, both share an obligation to dominate the world of paid ads and must have a broad vision on the different arts of persuasion to continue to sell online regularly.

Keys to a successful info product

  • It must reflect your authority on the subject matter

Its content should position you as a benchmark in the matter and answer all the questions that are posed to the client. It has to leave a mark.

  • Must include a transformative promise

The mission of the info product is to add value to the lives of its customers and put an end to the worries that prevent them from advancing personally or professionally.

As you see below, the transformative promise of this digital product is to offer you the possibility of creating professional sales videos for your company yourself, without having editing experience, without paying a professional and saving you several weeks / months of waiting.

Imagen de una página de venta sobre un infoproducto que crea vídeos profesionales en segundos

  • It should get to the point

It has to be clear and concise, directly addressing the problem raised and forgetting about such frequent and unnecessary filler content.

  • It should be very easy to consume

For an infoproduct to have a pull, it has to be able to be read, visualized and reproduced without any kind of effort. Simplicity is the beginning of the success of this type of digital products.

An info-product must be very accessible to the customer, so that it does not make him think too much. It must provide you with knowledge through clear and precise instructions.

  • You must have an irresistible offer

If the offer is of the pile, your info product will generate sales of the pile.

Persuasive texts and images on the page will be of no use if what you offer does not create an impact on the public. Not getting it right at this point will mean having irrelevant income that will prevent you from climbing, therefore, your offer has to be tempting and irresistible.

Types of digital products

Being able to sell infoproducts on a recurring and profitable basis is not easy.

Not getting the offer right, the strategy or the segmentation of the target audience are the main reasons why many info producers are forced to abandon their business in less than three years.

Therefore, today I want to share with you a series of examples of digital products in demand, so that you get an idea of how and what you can offer to create online relevance from scratch.

  • Ebooks

Un libro de cocina como un Infoproducto

As their name indicates, they are electronic books that contain a wealth of information and whose distribution does not depend on any publisher. You can easily create them in PDF and download them in just a few seconds.

  • Guides

Infoproducto Curso de venta de apps

If you have specific skills on something, maybe it is a good time to stop and analyze the routine that allows you to start what you do so well every morning. Synthesize the process graphically and in detail and prepare a guide with all the steps that those interested in achieving the same results without getting lost would have to take.

  • Workbook

Infoproducto Workbook del Curso de apps

Like the guide, a workbook offers the necessary solutions so that someone can travel a tested path to achieve a specific objective.

It is a workbook in which a series of exercises are proposed that the user must complete, so it must include the necessary spaces to complete those tasks.

  • Online courses

Infoproducto máster de un curso de vender online

They are undoubtedly the best-known info-products and offer you the possibility of distributing them on a large scale, anywhere and at any time. In addition, your clients can access the course content indefinitely. They can watch the videos as many times as they want and do not have to depend on schedules to complete their training.

  • Templates

It is a format in which the consumer only has to fill in spaces to shape their task. A template kit should include a series of precise instructions designed so that the client can complete their mission effortlessly. The most common delivery format is in PDF, something that makes downloading and subsequent implementation even easier.

  • Webinars/Trainings

Un webinar como infoproducto

They are infoproducts that usually act as bait to direct customers towards the purchase of other higher cost products. Once recorded, the webinar acts as a non-perishable sales tool ( evergreen ) that brings passive income to your business.

  • Subscription content

Ideal to satisfy audiences that need to be updated at all times.

A clear example is fitness, nutrition or personal training programs. To consume this type of digital product, the client must first pay a monthly fee that allows them to access the different contracted services.

Another advantage of this format is the fact that the same info-product can have different plans or categories that will increase in price depending on the goods included in each package.

  • Software and Mobile Apps

This category includes all-in-one tool platforms and automated programs to perform different functions.

At Scoreapps we offer you the possibility to create, launch and scale an online business using funnels and mobile applications.

Access this demo and discover everything you need to design your own app business from scratch and without the need for great technical knowledge.

  • Podcasts

They provide visibility and authority to your brand and also offer you the possibility of monetizing your content with private channels that can only be listened to by customers who pay a monthly subscription.

Creating a podcast is simple, you only need a microphone and a platform to host the different episodes that you record.

  • Methodology and dynamics

There are many coaches and trainers who do not have time to continually search for resources related to these types of exercises, however, they do need access to new learning experiences that help them improve their work performance. Take advantage of it and share with them what works for you.

  • Checklists

Remember that there is always someone with much less experience than you who needs to be sure of everything that he must take into account when starting a project or when carrying out a specific task.

Checklists provide a lot of knowledge in an abbreviated and orderly way. They are resources that, for example, can make life easier for a photographer who wants to contrast all the things that he must take into account when making a professional photo book. Even if you already have your own way of working, the checklist will give you a different vision that may include important details that you have missed to date.

  • Coaching / Mentoring

Apparently they are services that you can easily provide from home, but they have the disadvantage of having to continually exchange your time for money.

As you only have certain hours a day to attend all your appointments, this clearly limits the scalability of your business.

Phases for the creation of your infoproduct

Esquema con las diferentes fases para crear un infoproducto

The process of creating, developing and disseminating an info-product consists of 5 phases:

  • Selection of the niche

Decide the topic that you are going to deal with and think about whether or not it may be of interest in the current digital market. Evaluate the pros and cons of going to a very specific niche or if it is better for you to open a wider range of possibilities.

  • Definition of the ideal client and the transforming element

Think to whom the info-product is going to be directed and what kind of problems it is going to solve for the people who need it. It is about defining what the result will be that the people who decide to buy it will obtain. Give a name to what is going to change their lives.

  • Choice of delivery format

Are you going to opt for a series of videos / tutorials or rather for downloadable material?

Your margin of maneuver will depend on this decision when it comes to meeting the production and launch times of the info-product.

  • Content creation

It is the most critical phase of the process since the success of the info product will largely depend on your creative ability, the quality of the content and the level of difficulty that your customers find when consuming it. Take the time to complete this section with full guarantees.

  • Launch of the info-product

It is the phase in which you define the support that you are going to use to market it.

If what you are going to sell are mobile applications, Scoreapps offers you a platform to create the sales funnels that you will need to attract your customers and also a simple pre-developed app builder to create unlimited applications without having to program a single line of code .

Why you should create your first info product as soon as possible

It is clear that the online market is extremely saturated but there are ways to launch a 100% scalable business without putting your economy at risk. And there the infoproducts appear in capital letters.

The world of digital products offers you a unique scenario in this regard.

No other business model is going to allow you the possibility of packaging your greatest virtues, sharing them with the world and, on top of that, making money doing it.

More than enough reason for you to start seriously assessing your options for real success as an info producer.

Main mistakes made when creating the first info product

Creating your own info-products is very enriching, especially when you have finished and are finally about to launch them on the market, but there are a number of components that can ruin your exciting project.

Be careful and try not to fall into the following traps:

1. Not orienting the digital product towards customer needs

Some info producers focus on releasing only the products that interest them rather than offering the ones that people really need.

Take care of the problems your customers are facing and create an info product that addresses them. Never prioritize your particular interests over those of your clients. This approach will determine your results.

2. Not knowing how to validate your product in the market, nor update it

It is quite common to “throw away” the cane with an info-product without measuring the impact that it can really have on the market.

Many times that great idea in your head does not have to be of interest to the rest of the world. It is essential to conduct a trend study and “spy” on your competition to measure the purchasing temperature of different types of digital products.

3. Not keeping your digital product up to date

Once you have your info-product in circulation, it is highly recommended to update its contents to give it the necessary strength to remain “evergreen” over time. Don’t let it become obsolete and keep it always shiny.

4. Throw the prices of the infoproduct

Many info producers do not know why their digital products are not sold, they do not know how to communicate the value of what they offer without first throwing the prices.

They fail to understand why something is not sold that supposedly changes people’s lives and as a consequence they end up doing the same thing as everyone else: throwing prices down.

Imagen de una página de venta de un infoproducto

As you can see, Chris Evans and Taylor Welch don’t need to make their products cheaper to get them to sell. Its sales pages are devastating and that is why Traffic & Funnels has become a leading info-product creation company in the United States.

In this specific case, the sale page that I have put as an example promotes a $ 497 product and to sell it they do not need to throw the prices of what they deliver to you.

It is very important to extol all the value of what you offer to get the public to want to pay you for it naturally and without having to become another raffle.

5. Don’t worry about what customers think about the info product

Once it is sold, it is very common not to be interested in the customer who has bought the info product from you. This is a serious mistake because it is essential to receive feedback from these people in order to improve the product. Not listening to your clients can spell the beginning of the end for your big project.

6. Focus on the launch and forget about long-term sales

There is no use putting all your energy into the launch of your first info product if you are not going to worry about promoting it properly from then on. The really difficult thing is to keep it on top regularly and keep it profitable over the years.

How to sell infoproducts

Try to avoid all those common mistakes and try to follow the following recommendations to sell your digital products successfully:

1. Be concerned about your client’s needs

Find out their pain points and remedy them based on good knowledge.

2. People buy results, not words

Many websites are full of descriptions and empty of answers. Sell ​​the result, not the thousand characteristics that the info product may have.

3. Automate the system to the maximum

In order to scale your business without exchanging hours of life for money, it is necessary to automate the process to the maximum using the necessary tools so that everything works without your complete supervision.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to automate your sales, nurture your customers day and night, and retain them day and night, Scoreapps is your best option.

The secret to successfully scaling up selling info products is to automate the process as much as possible so that you can spend time on other important things in the business.

In just a few minutes, you can create a conversion funnel like the one you see above and start nurturing it with qualified customers regardless of the day and time.

4. Communicate the real value without fear of saying the price

Try to make sure your clients fully understand the amount of “help” they get for that amount. Don’t be afraid to say the price because if it is really good and people understand it, they will pay for it without thinking.

5. Drive qualified traffic to your page with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads puts at your disposal millions of people who have behavior patterns similar to your potential customers.

This means that you can show your sales skills courses to sales agents and stop wasting money by teaching them to veterinarians or engineers.

Thanks to Facebook Ads, your ads will only be seen by people who are really looking for this type of info-product, a huge advantage that traditional advertising does not reach.

Create sales pages for infoproducts

Get away from the typical websites full of menus and dropdowns and wrap your info product in an immaculate landing page with powerful texts that make it shine among so many other mediocre pages.

Use a clean design, with well-defined blocks and include concise messages loaded with emotional intelligence so that your customers feel the need and desire to buy something that until that moment they might not know they needed.

Highlight the main benefits at the top of the page and accompany them with a good product photo escorted by a great call to action that facilitates that final push that every person needs during a purchase decision.

It includes stacks and value labels that reflect everything that is carried for X price and includes a good collection of testimonials from real clients that reinforce your sales message.

Finally, add a section of frequently asked questions that finish breaking down any barriers that may be left standing.

Note: to make sure your customers don’t have to scroll to find the purchase button, include at least one button in each block.

Where is better to launch an info product

Once you know how to sell infoproducts successfully, it’s time to decide how you are going to spread your infoproduct, and without a doubt the best system to turn curious people into people who actually take out their credit card to buy from you is through a funnel.

Sales funnels are associated with a series of automation and emotional intelligence structures that make it the best possible salesperson for your business. They are systems that are specially designed to capture and convert your visits into paying customers in the shortest possible time.

This is the tool with which we create our own funnels

Ejemplo de un Funnel construido con Scoreapps

Unlike web pages, funnels convert 40% more and simplify the sales process by accompanying the customer on a distraction-free journey until the purchase occurs.

Solutions for infoproducts

Scoreapps offers all kinds of infoproduct solutions .

With our exclusive system you can create optimized sales pages , the funnels necessary for the acquisition of your customers and as you can see in the following image, also enjoy your own Native mobile app to retain your loyalists and generate positive reviews that multiply your sales.

You can also program the email marketing sequences that you will need to nurture your customers, create user areas to integrate packages of info-products under subscription, in addition to connecting the platform with many other automation tools to shape your online vending machine.

How to price your digital product

The next step is to set the sale price of your info product and this will largely depend on the amount of value you include in the content and also the time you have spent designing it.

You can guide yourself by taking a look at your competitor’s market prices, but remember that this should NEVER influence what you consider to be worth all your effort and dedication.

Remember that you must also take into account the expenses that you have had to face during the production process. Everything counts.

Presentation of the info-product

An info product must be brilliantly presented.

Human beings are moved by emotions and we love to touch, feel, smell etc. We are lovers of the visual, so giving an info-product a tangible appearance greatly triggers people’s purchase desires.

This is how we present one of our infoproducts

Mockups con diferentes tipos de infoproductos

If the value offer of your info product is important, its final presentation is no less important. Its appearance should be impeccable, so consider the possibility of shaping your knowledge into a box, coupon or book.

Give your digital product an appealing look that makes your customers want to pick it up and take it home as if it were a 100% material good.

How to scale your info product with Mobile Marketing Flywheel

Gráfico que muestra los diferentes componentes del mobile marketing flywheel

Finally we come to the most unknown part of the whole process, that of getting that digital business to grow and be profitable over time.

Most info producers focus on launching their digital product out of the box and then hope that it will stand on top of its own.

What they ignore is that this is impossible unless a carefully designed strategy is put in place to scale a successful online business.

And this is where the figure of Mobile Marketing Flywheel emerges, a work methodology whose objective is that you achieve better results when selling online.

It is a framework that can and should be used by anyone who wants to digitize their business in a 100% profitable way.

The reality is that the world of e-commerce has exploded and there is more and more competition and it is more difficult to sell online successfully.


  1. Because it is increasingly expensive to get qualified leads who end up buying from you.
  2. Because the organic reach of social networks is null . Nobody sees your posts on Facebook. They are irrelevant, they have no reach and they do not go anywhere.
  3. Because of how difficult it is to position yourself in search engines.

So much content is created out there every day that getting visibility is practically impossible. And this is a very serious problem because it is no longer due to the obstacles that could have existed years ago when designing and publishing a website.

Today there are thousands of “do it yourself” tools to set up an ecommerce in just one afternoon, the problem is that now there is something much more complicated to solve:

  • Profitability.
  • How to bring real conversions traffic to your business.

Each time it costs more to capture that qualified traffic and it is increasingly expensive to get it. Without going any further, the standard conversion rate is currently 1%.

Creepy right?

That is, only one out of every hundred people who visit an online store, end up buying a product and in the best of cases there are those who reach 3%.

With the Mobile Marketing Flywheel you can:

  1. Capture cheaper leads.
  2. Develop strategies to convert them into paying customers.
  3. Get all those people to not only continue to buy you more info-products, but to act as promoters of your brand by writing reviews and making your message viral through social networks etc.

Mobile Marketing Flywheel is key for any info product business to be successful selling online.

Gráfico sobre leads, clientes, promotores en un proceso de venta online

It is about capturing cheaper traffic, converting it better, maximizing the sale price of your info product (making traffic profitable through paid ads) and that each client then brings you other clients.

Be closer to them so that they become part of your recruitment system.

And to be closer to these customers there is an essential tool:

Mobile applications

The piece that completes the circle of your info-product business.

Now you can turn your clients into promoters not only with a good email marketing strategy, social networks and others, but also with a mobile app.

An app allows you to send specific offers through push notifications or by email and also gets you to leave reviews that help others make their own purchase decisions.

Un mockup de un móvil con una App y una mano con un dedo hacia arriba

Having your own app is the best way to amortize the acquisition of each client.

With your own app you not only get them to continue buying digital products, but you also get those people to bring you others who do exactly the same.

Our framework allows you to enjoy this unique proposal, a comprehensive method that covers the different steps of the process and with which you can:

  1. Reduce acquisition costs of your leads by capturing them through optimized landing pages.
  2. Maximize the sale of your digital products by turning them into end customers.
  3. Make those customers loyal with mobile applications and email marketing to finally transform them into promoters of your infoproducts.

A unique methodology that solves many problems at the same time.

So if you want to launch yourself into the world of digital products following a tested model that allows you to follow the necessary steps to become profitable from scratch, download your copy of Mobile Marketing Flywheel HERE