1492 Business Ideas that we know will work in 2021

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for business ideas to invest in?

Today we are going to tell you about the 1492 best business ideas for this year, classified by profitability. We are convinced that the first idea will surprise you!

by Aroa Palos

You will also discover:

  • Technological Ideas
  • Business of the Future
  • Online Business Ideas
  • Business without Investment
  • Different Businesses
  • And much more

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Chapter One

The Best: Mobile Apps without Programming

If you are looking for THE 2021 business IDEA you have already found it.

The development and sale of mobile applications without programming is in the first position because it is a business that meets all the necessary characteristics to be successful.

In the last 7 years at Scoreapps we have generated more than 60 million euros with Apps without programming and we work with more than 2,500 entrepreneurs who have already launched their own Apps business without the need for technical knowledge.

Do you want to change your life and launch your own mobile application business ?

We may seem heavy, but we repeat it. You do not need to know how to program to set up an Apps business or to add this service within your Agency. We work with a pre-developed technology that allows us to make an application for Android or iOS in just a couple of hours thanks to a Drag & Drop system.

We are facing a golden opportunity thanks to the growth that mobile technology is experiencing.

We just have to look at these data:

  • 80% of online searches are made from mobile devices.
  • The projected growth for 2021 is 270%, Wow!
  • 90% of SMEs still do not have an App for their business.

It is clear that a app sales business has to do very badly to not be successful. But don’t worry, our reseller program not only offers you the technology, but also specific training and constant support so that you can go as far as you want.

Visit our website and find out about all the options!

Scoreapps business ideas

Chapter Two

Analysis of business ideas

In this compilation of the best business ideas for 2021 we have created different thematic sections to facilitate reading. But not only that. We have also added a table with a classification to each idea, we explain how to interpret it.

We analyze each business idea taking into account 6 different factors to which we give a score. Next, we obtain an average score that indicates the general profitability of the business . The higher this score, the more profitable the idea will be.

We are going to review each aspect of the business that we have taken into account so that you can better understand what we have based on.

Infographic about business ideas


Of course, the last thing we want is to complicate our lives. But beware, the simple is not always simple. Applied to business we refer to the simplicity of starting it up, although this has nothing to do with the difficulty or not of the work itself.

1 is the hardest and 10 is the easiest.

Investment in business ideas

In order to assess the investment necessary to start a business, we must take into account the economic part but also the time it will take. As well as being aware of the real risk of the idea and the possibility of amortizing the investment in a reasonable period so as not to lose our savings like crazy.

With a 1 the businesses that need more investment and 10 for those that need a minimum investment.

Benefits that business ideas should generate

If you have come this far, we are convinced that it is because you are looking for some business ideas with which to make money. So let’s not lose focus, nobody works for the love of art.

The lowest score is for the businesses with less benefits, 9 and 10 for those with more succulent benefits.

Passive Income on business ideas to improve profitability

It is very good to generate profits for a while, but what is really important in a business is that this income is generated continuously over time. By passive income we mean that each sale continues to provide long-term benefits for other concepts such as maintenance.

The 1 does not generate passive income while the 10 is an opportunity to have recurring income.

Scalability of business ideas to grow

Another essential feature that good business ideas must meet is scalability. That you can expand your business idea or ideas to infinity (and beyond) in a simple way and at the lowest possible cost.

A 1 for business ideas that do not allow to grow over time and 10 for those businesses that have a wide margin of growth.

Business Opportunity

We are referring to the demand that the business idea has in itself, that is to say, products or services that are already on the rise or that are already experiencing growth. And not just any growth, an exponential one.

With the highest score, businesses that are really in high demand.

Final Note

To obtain the final grade we have made an average of the scores of all the factors previously taken into account. So you can know the general profitability of each business idea and its strengths and weaknesses.

This is a classification of the most successful business ideas for this year that you will not find in any other article.

Now, yeah yeah, let’s go for it.

Chapter Three

Technological Business Ideas

Some of the best business ideas that you can undertake are those that refer to the world of technology. They are usually the most successful and the ones that allow you to earn the most money in the long run. There are profitable businesses for real. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of euros!

Top 2. Online Marketing Consultant

If you are an expert in digital marketing and looking for a lucrative business, this is your ideal business idea.

Search volume is nearly 20 million! There is a great business opportunity, although you should also know that the competition in this sector is very high.

business ideas Online Marketing Consultant

Top 3. Niche e-commerce

Looking for a work-from-home? Knowing which is the best business on the Internet is not easy. But if you want examples of innovative ideas, niche e-commerce or niche e-commerce is one of them.

A good way to do this is by selling specific products that you already know work but because they are so specific they have much less competition. For us it is one of the top 10 business ideas!

niche ecommerce business ideas

Top 4. Create a blog

Business Ideas Create a Blog

Creating a blog is another good opportunity for someone who already has a small business. For example, create a blog selling crafts that is called the best crafts in the world for children.

You will only need to master one of the platforms such as WordPress. Actually knowing how to create a blog is very simple, you just have to create a structure and start writing quality content to position your articles.

business ideas Create a blog

Top 5. Make free web pages

Making free web pages is easy and simple. There are many platforms and tools that even offer templates with a very professional look.

If you are looking for successful businesses, you can dedicate yourself to making web pages and selling them to other clients. Successful website ideas start with an article like this!

business ideas Make free web pages

Top 6. 3D technology consulting

Here is a business idea that is succeeding in the US. The technology consultant is one of the most current businesses worldwide.

You can offer consulting services to schools, institutes, colleges … and transmit all the advantages that 3D technology has. If you are looking for easy business ideas it may seem that this is not it at first. But it is much less complicated than it sounds!

business ideas 3D technology consulting

Top 7. Development of web pages by niches

Development of pages web by niches

The world of ideas is so infinite that it is very common for you to have doubts about what business I can put in. We give you another very common business idea or company idea, create your own web development business by niches.

You can decide on business ideas from the food sector or the health sector. Put your imagination and find a niche with many searches. If you are looking for new business ideas here you have an opportunity.

business ideas Web page development by niches

Top 8. Neuroscience to play

Another idea to start a new business is the creation of games that strengthen cognitive and emotional skills. They are very useful businesses for young students or feasible businesses for young people, so much so that there are already companies that have seen that it is a good business to start as Pymetrics examples.

Leisure businesses (related to fun and games) tend to be the most successful!

Neuroscience business ideas to play

Top 9. Reuse robots

Business Idea Reuse Robots

Here you have an idea of new emerging businesses. When we look for ideas to develop we need examples of projects to start a business and the reuse of robots that are no longer in operation is one of the business projects of entrepreneurs.

Putting those robot parts to a new use and creating new models can be a successful product idea to sell. If you want an interesting business, do not hesitate to invest in robots.

business ideas Reuse robots

Top 10. Technological consulting for dealers

There are many interesting businesses on the Internet, but if you are looking for examples of innovative business ideas, technology consulting for dealerships is an opportunity to start.

What to do to start a technology consulting business? Social media is a clear advantage and a weapon to promote your business, so the idea is that you integrate technological solutions in the marketing department for example.

business ideas Technology consulting for dealers

Top 11. Distributed printing of digital products

So another idea to start your own business is to regain the tradition of digital printing and offer it in any country since you can share it in the cloud. So this could be one of the top businesses in the world.

In recent years, despite the rise of digital, we are using old techniques again, so why not?

business ideas Distributed printing of digital products

Top 12. Create sector management software

Create Sector Management Software

If you are looking for international business ideas, you can create sector management software. Most businesses need tools to manage the day-to-day business. In addition, they have many documents stored that have to be shared in some way and uploaded to a cloud to avoid overloading the devices.

To serve as inspiration I leave you some viable business idea example:

Top 13. Create sector management software for restaurants

For example creating software to manage a restaurant chain.

Top 14. Create sector management software for gyms

You could do the same with a company with sports venues such as gyms. Specifically, this idea was placed as one of the innovative services 2018.

Top 15. Create sector management software for hotels

Hotel chains are a good option since the information they need to store is immense given their capacity and the influx of visitors they have.

Top 16. Create sector management software for hairdressers

Similarly, hair salons and beauty centers are also a good option. Especially if you are looking for how to do good business online.

business ideas Create sectoral management software for hairdressers

Chapter four

Business Ideas of the Future

We could continue to list these opportunities as technology-related ideas, but they are also business ideas of the future . They are undertakings related to the businesses that are to come and that today we can hardly imagine.

Top 17. Smart quilt

Why not look for original company ideas? If you are looking for business ideas in Europe, you cannot miss these curious and successful businesses like that of a quilt with intelligence. Imagine being able to sleep with a duvet that regulates the temperature of your bedroom and that is so smart that it balances it taking into account if two people sleep in the same bed.

It is one of the businesses that have not yet arrived in Spain, but Eight Sleep is one of the pioneering companies that has seen a future in this idea.

smart quilt business ideas

Top 18. Big Data applied to market prediction

Starting a business online is easier than we might think a priori. The first steps to starting a business is finding entrepreneurial project ideas. Do you want to know how to start a successful business?

You can start by creating pro businesses such as applying big data or data analysis to market prediction on an ongoing basis. An example of this idea is the British consultancy Edited.

Big Data business ideas applied to market prediction

Top 19. Regional innovation consulting

Regional innovation consulting

Business and entrepreneurship always go hand in hand, that is why regional innovation consulting is one of the innovative business ideas.

SMEs are seeing an outlet in this booming business in Spain by creating regional consultancies that specialize in creating new products.

business ideas Consulting in regional innovation

Top 20. Food biotechnology

It is clear that business is business. But if you also want to do something creative, then you are looking for revolutionary business ideas. Here’s an idea for new entrepreneurs.

Food biotechnology is undoubtedly one of the possible great businesses in history. It is about avoiding or detecting microorganisms in food.

business ideas Food biotechnology

Top 21. Programming bitsbox for kids

The future is in the youngest, so entrepreneurship ideas for children usually work. If you think about programming, the HTML code is only taught for people who already have a base, professionals or people who are studying computer science.

But why not offer programming classes for children and people with no prior knowledge? Don’t you think you could be a startup with innovative ideas that can work in the market?

Bitsbox Programming Business Ideas for Kids

Top 22. Adult programming bitsbox

And why not apply it to other profiles? For example bitsbox for adults, as an example of home businesses for women. You could teach these courses while everyone is at her house. You would not have to scroll.

Top 23. Senior programming bitsbox

In the same way, this would be applicable to elderly people, retired, who have a lot of free time and who always want to learn new things, because learning is not incompatible with age.

This is one of the most interesting business ideas in Argentina, because in this country the investment in robotics and programming is much higher than in other Latin American countries.

Bitsbox programming business ideas for senior

Top 24. Artificial Intelligence for the legal sector

What kind of business could be successful? If you are looking for types of legal businesses, you have to know that more and more businesses or companies need to digitize their processes to save time.

One of the trending businesses is artificial intelligence for the legal sector. These booming new businesses are carving a niche for themselves among the trends in entrepreneurship and establishing themselves as the latest business trends.

Artificial Intelligence business ideas for the legal sector

Top 25. Video game advertising

Business Idea Video Game Advertising

If you are looking for business ideas from other countries, you should know that the integration of advertising in video games is one of the successful entrepreneurial projects in Asia. They have already seen the future of integrating advertising into a children’s games business.

If you wonder what is sold the most in winter to rest in summer, you have to know that video games are used equally in all periods of the year. Keep that in mind!

business ideas Video game advertising

Top 26. Video games that are based on traditional letters

If you are looking for business ideas for young people, or to create small businesses for young people, you can opt for video games based on Spanish letters. Here you can vary depending on the country you want to go to and customize those video games for other countries.

Without a doubt, it is one of the business ideas for students that you can apply in colleges, institutes and schools.

business ideas Video games that are based on traditional letters

Top 27. Sale of second-hand sanitary technology

Who said that second chances only applied to the textile trade? If you are wondering what my company can be, I leave you a business proposal for the international market, such as giving a second chance to any sanitary technological device.

You can sell the parts of a device that after years of use no longer performs its original function. So you could reuse it so that they continue to fulfill other functions.

It is a business proposal for the international market since you could send it to other countries.

business ideas Sale of second-hand health technology

Chapter five

Educational Business Ideas

Sometimes we wonder what types of entrepreneurship exist or what ideas of innovative companies we can carry out. You are probably wondering how to market your business or what categories of businesses there are. Well, educational business ideas are among the 100 oldest companies in the world.

Top 28. Educational reinforcements

Setting up a school reinforcement company is one of the best-known job ideas for children. Despite having a lot of competition, it continues to be one of the most recurrent business ideas for children along with bilingual caregivers.

Educational reinforcements is one of the job ideas for students or young entrepreneurs who are studying their debut in the business world. This can be applicable to children but also to any young person who is attending school or simply studying and needs a reinforcement.

business ideas Educational reinforcements

Top 29. Regional parenting course programs

If you want examples of local, regional, national and multinational companies, you can follow the example of the Parent University, in which they have created specialized training courses for parents according to the stage in which their child is.

You could transfer this idea and apply it to regions, especially if you are wondering what business to set up with a school as they could help you.

business ideas Regional parenting course programs

Top 30. History factory

Business Ideas History Factory

Can you be an entrepreneur without managing your own idea? Yes! And that’s why here is another option to start your own business, which already exists, and that can work for you if you are looking for good ideas to start.

How about creating content for other companies, exhibitions, websites, etc.? You would only have to do the editing of the copies or texts that you would include and manage the editorial production.

In addition, with the current technology we have, production costs are lowered and you could hire an external service for the layout, for example.

Story Factory Rating

31. Preparation and correction of exams

If you are looking for innovative small business ideas or some easy-to-do entrepreneurship ideas, and you are good at a specific school subject, you should know that you can dedicate yourself to correcting exams or freelance work.

If you are looking for business ideas in Argentina, here you could have a new opportunity. We have detected several freelancers who work especially well in the Albiceleste country.

Assessment Preparation and correction of exams

32. Regional dance classes

How to start a successful business of regional companies? Well, one of the ideas to create a business may be related to regional dance classes. Only in Spain we have the jota, the sevillanas, the dolira, the chotis and the sardana among others.

assessment Regional dance classes

33. Personal training

Personal Training Business Ideas

Uno de los negocios que funcionan en España desde hace algunos años es el relacionado con el entrenamiento personal. ¿Cómo puedo poner mi propio negocio de entrenadores? Si estás buscando ideas de negocios deportivas o negocios novedosos deportivos has encontrado el que va contigo, hay mucha demanda.

A veces te preguntas qué capital se necesita para poner un negocio. Pues bien, como entrenador personal apenas tendrás que realizar una inversión.

Personal training rating

34. Educational games with intellectual challenges

Do you like educational businesses and are you looking for a business idea concept? Many parents struggle to provide a different education and advocate for the inclusion of more educational games for their children. And it is that one of the original businesses for children is the creation of games with intellectual challenges.

For example, crafts to sell easy to do at home, create games to place rivers or provinces, illustrations of animals … Another idea is to create a ball park stars of the future in which children have to discover the names of the stars to move along.

rating Educational games with intellectual challenges

35. Training for the care of the elderly

Training for the care of the elderly

How many people over 100 are there in Spain? It is a reality, life expectancy is increasing. And that is reflected in an older population.

So if you are looking for simple innovative home projects and creating a business to train in care for the elderly is undoubtedly an option that you should contemplate.

Assessment Training for the care of the elderly

36. Reputation management at the university

What is the college reputation management business idea? Another type of business that can be started would be focused on entrepreneurial activities for students or products for students.

You could start your own microenterprise business examples for students, that is, in which the objective is to advise young people in the choice of career by offering important statistics such as the job placement rate from that specific career.

assessment Reputation management at the university

37. Online courses

Online course

Another work from home opportunity. Selling online courses or selling infoproducts is another option to start a business and is one of the best online businesses and one of the successful businesses in Argentina.

Are you an expert on any subject? To start this business you have to keep in mind that you are going to sell your knowledge. If you are looking for ideas to start a business with little investment, the sale of online courses is one of the booming businesses this year.

Online courses evaluation

38. Courses to generate an entrepreneurial spirit

What business is good to start. Some of the best ideas to start an online business or ideas to start your own business are precisely courses for entrepreneurs, in which you teach others.

Like you, there are many people who are looking for ideas to start a business and if you prepare a course in which you give some guidelines to awaken that interest, you may have found a good project to open a business.

assessment Courses to generate an entrepreneurial spirit

Chapter six

Small Business Ideas

In this section we include business ideas related to two different categories. On the one hand you will find opportunities related to pets and animals . And on the other hand we are going to talk about ideas related to crafts or ideas of manual works.

39. Recycled products

Recycled products business ideas

If you are wondering how I can start my own business or are looking for innovative ideas that are easy to do, you have to know that there are home-based craft companies. To add a plus to this idea you could create them from other recycled products and create, for example, Indian crafts for children.

This could be scaled to any country. In fact, it is one of the business opportunities in Peru.

Recycled products rating

40. Creation and sale of niche accessories

What crafts are in fashion? You can start a homemade craft business to sell. In addition, specializing in a specific niche would be one of the most suitable businesses to sell at home.

But why start a craft business?

41. Earrings

What should I do to start an outstanding business? If you are looking for cheap business ideas or ideas to create a small business you can create earrings type accessories. You will only have to look for the material to make these accessories and start selling.

42. Belts

Another example of productive small businesses is the creation and sale of belts. It is also a wide market and you can create this type of crafts for men and women.

43. Bags

Another manual thing to sell is handbags. An accessory widely used by women and increasingly also by men who find themselves in the same need to carry their personal belongings, food, laptop …

44. Necklaces and bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets are trinkets that you can implement into easy, entrepreneurial accessory-making projects.

Sometimes you will think, how many people work in a micro-business? The answer is that initially you and only you will be able to carry out this business idea. You will not need to lean on anyone else.

Necklaces and bracelets rating

45. Personalized gifts

Custom gifts

Who hasn’t looked for easy manual gift ideas for girlfriends? That is why creating a personalized gift business may be a good option for you.

But surely you need name ideas for gift shops and details that serve as inspiration such as Pongomilogo or Turegalopersonal. And what is the investment for a store? Everything will depend on whether it is online or offline.

Personalized Gift Valuation

46. Creative packaging

If you are looking for small business ideas you can opt for a creative packaging company and also offer business craft courses to exploit their ingenuity and enhance their creativity.

Creative Packaging Assessment

47. Fashion that takes care of animals

Do you want ideas for small shops or sustainable business ideas? Not all innovative business project ideas have to go big. That is why setting up fashion businesses that take animals into account and that does not harm them is one of the current business ideas of the moment.

For example, you can set up a more youthful clothing store, but what names for youth clothing stores can you put? You can use this example for inspiration: Trendy & Green , a sustainable fashion store located in Madrid.

Fashion that Cares for Animals Rating

48. Funeral home for animals

Animal Cemetery

You may be thinking of creating a business in Mexico. If so, you will be interested to know what are the innovative business ideas Mexico to undertake.

Many families choose to have a pet, be it a dog, a cat, a bird, a turtle, a rabbit … and we all know that over the years these little animals, whom we take a lot of affection, die. An example of a funeral home is Cielo Animal in Spain. Setting up a funeral home for animals is one of the business opportunities in Mexico at the moment.

Animal Mortuary Assessment

49. Canine social club

What do I need to start a business? Well, in this case, customers with dogs. Since in order for these animals to socialize and with them, their owners do so, you can create a social club for dogs.

Canine Social Club rating

Chapter seven

Beauty Business Ideas

You don’t like to see cosmetic fudges online. Truth? beauty business ideas are one of the top businesses of the moment. They are clearly entrepreneurial things. If you want to know more about the latest news in business or want some entrepreneurial ideas, keep reading.

50. Massages

I don’t know about you but… who doesn’t need to relax from time to time? Having a massage business is one of the business ideas or ideas for business projects that has grown the most in recent years. It is one of the entrepreneurial projects for women and men that is in demand, especially home massages.

The investment is low (creams, instruments, portable stretcher) and if the client has been happy with the session, they will contact you again for sure! You can also include in your services new things to sell, for example, the special creams you use.

massage business valuation

51. Manicure and pedicure

We have reached business number 51. If you still haven’t found one that interests you, don’t worry. We still have 100 businesses or rather, 100 more business ideas ahead to inspire you.

One of the most successful businesses in Argentina. Offering simple nails as an idea to earn money is another alternative within the beauty sector. It is important that you have experience or take a course before starting to make yourself known.

You can offer this service at home with a minimal investment (enamels, nail polish removers, cottons, limes … are cheap) and if you know how to retain your customers you will get recurring income. Keep in mind that this is a service that customers demand on a recurring basis, so if you get a fixed customer base, success is assured.

manicure and pedicure business valuation

52. Makeup at home

Makeup at Home

If you want an idea for a small company or are looking for business ideas in Spain , the cult of the body and beauty has led to many ideas to create a company from the world of makeup. One possibility is to set up your own home makeup business. What company can I put related to makeup?

There are many possibilities! You can offer a home makeup service, with the option to sell the products later, focus on characterization makeup, or specialize in wedding makeup. It’s a matter of exploring the sector!

home makeup business valuation

53. Hair removal

If you are looking for ideas to start a business, you do not need to squeeze your head too much. The best businesses don’t have to be new in themselves. The important thing is that you offer the service in a different way and come up with ideas to make your business different!

You do not have to worry about how to open a business but about coming up with new ideas. Instead of setting up a waxing franchise, you can offer this same service at home. The investment is minimal and you do not need a physical location. Reinvent this service and combine it with other related services.

hair removal business valuation

54. Hairdresser

The business idea is old but giving it a spin can be one of the best entrepreneurial ideas since it is a safe business (cutting your hair is a necessity that will always exist). If you have done a course and do not have much money to invest, you can provide your services at home. You can even look for a job as a hair model.

If this is not the case, you always have the option of setting up a salon and hiring professionals, offering different services, such as hair dyes, hairstyles and treatments. You can also apply these 5 innovative ideas that I am going to give you for your hairdresser:

Hairdressing Business Ideas

  1. Create an App for your hairdresser so that clients can easily book their appointment.
  2. Send push notifications reminding your customers that it has been two months since the last visit and that they must cut their hair.
  3. Send exclusive offers and discount coupons from the App.
  4. Make sweepstakes on social networks for high-end hairdressing products.
  5. Offer personalized advice on what hairstyle and what color is best for each client.

hairdressing business valuation

55. Barbershop

Looking for original business ideas? Are you interested in starting businesses that work? Try launching your own barber shop! The men’s personal care industry is one of the booming businesses that moves significant amounts of money.

Barbers are on the rise, now offering not only professional haircuts but complementary services as well. The key to differentiate yourself from the competition is to look for a specific theme for your venue (vintage, rock, minimalist, vintage). Decide based on what you think best fits the profile of your customers and the location.

barbershop business valuation

Chapter eight

Fashion Business Ideas

Looking for innovative product ideas to sell in the textile industry? In this section we are going to analyze creative business ideas in this sector: innovative business ideas for children, businesses for girls, small business ideas, original ventures within the textile sector.

New ventures are happening in Europe and around the world in the fashion industry and you may find in this chapter the idea you needed. Let’s go there!

56. Sale of clothes for pregnant women

Business ideas Selling clothes to Pregnant Women

If you are one of those who says “I want to start my own business but I don’t know what” this may be an interesting sector for you. Among business ideas for women, setting up a women’s fashion ecommerce for pregnant women can be a success.

Keep in mind that selling clothing items to an audience like this can be a good idea for continued demand. Bet on the sale of creative ideas and stand out from your competition! Clothes for pregnant women have to be comfortable but no less modern and risky.

valuation business sale clothes pregnant women

57. Sale of clothes for girls

The sale of children’s clothing has registered positive growth in recent years in Spain and Europe, making it one of the businesses of the moment.

One of the advantages of undertaking in fashion for girls is that most of the sales occur on the Internet, that is, you can do your own online business at low cost. In fact, the clothing items that are most regularly purchased through this medium are precisely those for girls, boys and babies.

valuation business sale clothes girls

58. Clothing rental businesses

Clothing Rental

There are people looking for business ideas that do not exist to blow off the gas and find the business of their lives. However, sometimes it is not necessary to invent something that no one has thought of before. Finding your passion may be enough or directly copying what is working for other entrepreneurs. If you wonder how to start a business, clothing rental may be your best option.

59. Party dress rental

Considering that party dresses are very expensive, and that most women need them on rare occasions, the rental of party dresses is one of the investment ideas that you can have in mind. You can set up a store, an online business or – if you already have contacts – take the dresses home.

One tip: in this niche it is very important to differentiate yourself through innovative photos of the party dresses you rent.

60. Jacket suits rental

Something similar happens with party dresses for women. Every man needs a suit jacket at some point and, since they are not cheap, one option may be to resort to renting a suit.

The first steps to starting a business suit rental business are to have variety and different sizes. In the most fashionable business, trends are constantly updated, so it is important to buy classic and timeless pieces, as well as seasonal models.

61. Rental of regional costumes

Before they were rare businesses but regional festivals are held in the heart and families often make an effort to acquire their costumes. For this reason, in recent years, small regional dress rental businesses have proliferated and it is currently considered one of the 10 successful businesses to start in a town.

Depending on the party and the state of the garment, the price of the suit can range between € 60 and € 100. You can carry out some initiatives for group discounts or dress at home.

62. Complements Rental

Another of the ideas to create a successful business is to start an accessory rental business. Some products, such as brand name bags or designer jewelry, are priced too high and this is the reason why some people often choose to rent.

Contrary to what you may think, this market is not just for women. A lot of men also use this service by renting branded neckties, luxury watches or luxury cufflinks for shirts.

Complement Rental Assessment

63. Personal shopper for work

Not all jobs are equally flexible in terms of clothing and some people need advice in this regard. Therefore, another of the innovative ideas to undertake is to work as a personal shopper for those people who do not know what to wear to go to work.

More and more online personal shoppers emerge who select the garments that best suit each registered style. To do this, the user responds to a short style questionnaire and, later, an advisor contacts him. An example of success is the Coomo company.

Personal shopper rating for work

64. Personal shopper for events and parties

Offering advice to people who do not know what to wear to go to a party or an event is another of the ideas to start online. You can work as a personal shopper specialized in parties and advise your clients on the clothing they may wear by analyzing different factors: the type of party, location, profile of the guests, etc.

You can also advise people who want to set up an event or event company and help them choose names for event and party companies or teach them how to set up an event hall. An example of this type of Personal Shopper is Ana Iriberri .

Personal shopper rating for events and parties

65. Niche youth clothing sale

Niche youth clothing sales

What business can I open? What business to put in a neighborhood? If you are thinking of investing in fashion, think about some interesting old niches and where money moves. The sale of youth clothing can be a good example. Many new fashion businesses are emerging that respond to the needs of a teenage profile.

There are more and more youth clothing stores that specialize following a specific style. For example, you can currently find second-hand clothing stores for teens, clothing stores for music festivals (Coachella type), functional clothing for active youth, etc. It is crucial that you have a well-defined aesthetic – both your clothes and your ecommerce – and that your values are clear.

Valuation Sale of niche youth clothing

66. Plus size online business

Get ideas to start from failures in the market is an excellent opportunity. In fact, it is one of the last simple businesses that are succeeding in the world of fashion, especially among European entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of online businesses that sell clothing on the Internet, but very few offer large sizes or shoes that go beyond conventional sizes.

This sector is ideal if you are looking for new business ideas since only one in three Spaniards enjoys an adequate weight and, both the current physical market and the online one, do not cover this need. You can always search for Spaniards in the online world to help you with the promotion of this business.

Online business evaluation of large sizes

67. Dry cleaning and arrangements with collection of clothes at home

Among the innovative ideas to create a company is to copy the business model of companies that already exist but providing differential value to customers. A good example may be setting up a dry cleaning or clothing repair business that has the option of home pickup.

The limited hours that these types of businesses usually have makes life difficult for customers, who often leave work late and cannot take their clothes to be washed or repaired. Offering a home laundry pickup can be a solution to these problems, and customers will certainly appreciate it.

Dry cleaning valuation and arrangements with collection of clothes at home

68. Clothing adapted for the sick

Another business to start or alternative businesses that you should pay attention to is the sale of clothes for those who suffer from certain diseases. You can offer over the Internet a wide range of easy-to-wash garments that can be unbuttoned from different places, that get little dirty, that have invisible compartments for different medicines… but whose design is attractive.

The key at this point is to thoroughly analyze the market, including surveying chronically ill patients, to come up with new ideas that improve their quality of life.

Assessment Clothing adapted for the sick

Chapter nine

Online Business Ideas

The world is digital and more and more people buy from the Internet. In fact, many of the most successful online businesses only sell through their website.

In this section, we are going to give you ideas of online companies of all kinds that promise. Get inspired and get ideas to start an online business in the following lines.

69. Product rental Marketplace

Right now there are numerous online marketplaces that sell eye-catching products of all kinds. We are not going to propose that you offer innovative products that do not exist. Innovative ideas for young entrepreneurs are great but not always or you have to get so hot!

How many marketplaces do you know that, instead of selling, rent products or services? You can offer simple innovative services, such as business consulting by the hour, and rent all kinds of products. A good example of this business idea is PopPlaces.com, an online marketplace for renting commercial spaces by the day.

Product rental Marketplace rating

70. Vending of erotic design products

Changing the way a product or service is purchased can lead to new business ideas for services and products. What business can you start that already exists but changes the way you buy? The erotic sector is a good sector to ask yourself this question.

The fact of having to interact with a clerk or enter a physical store are aspects that put many people back. So why not offer erotic designer products through vending machines in hotels for couples? In Spain some companies such as OleVending already do it and in Japan these machines do not stop expanding in dating hotels. What are you waiting for?

In Spain some companies like OleVending already do it and in Japan these machines do not stop expanding in dating hotels. What are you waiting for?

Vending valuation of erotic design products

71. Buy wholesale and retail

Buy wholesale and retail

There are always jobs for entrepreneurs! If ideas for online businesses do not come to mind and you know that direct selling is not exactly your strong suit, perhaps you can consider distributing third-party products that are in high demand to retail businesses.

The key to being successful if you want to open a business of this type in Spain is to purchase the same product in large quantities at a good price per unit and obtain a considerable margin for its sale to retail businesses. Important, take care of your retailers! This means that you must sell your products to retailers at a lower price than to your consumers, if you have them.

Valuation Wholesales and retails

72. Niche coworking

Are you looking for innovative business ideas in Spain? Do you want a job from home? Then don’t miss out on this opportunity! There are more and more proposals for coworking spaces in Spain, especially linked to the world of marketing, graphic design, web development and audiovisual production.

If you want to open a business in Spain, something innovative to make a different coworking space is that you offer your space to very defined specific niches, for example, that of women entrepreneurs. An example of a company that has coworking spaces in Spain – although not a niche one – is WeWork.

Niche Coworking Assessment

73. Marketplace for third parties

Chart with Marketplace Steps for third parties

You are looking for online businesses, ideas to make money. Marketing on a platform (Amazon) through third parties but selling your products through your own ecommerce and with your own brand is among the innovative ideas of online businesses.

We are going to see the first steps to start a business of this type: Set up your own ecommerce, create your own Amazon account, research on Amazon and select the products that you would like to sell in your store, create a wish list and enter all the that you have selected, register the products in your store and select a price for them. Once the products are published in your ecommerce, advertise your store on Amazon through campaigns on social networks, SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing …

The moment you register a sale, go to your Amazon account and order the same item for your customer. When ordering, be sure to mark the gift delivery option in the shopping cart. Lastly, use your own address and billing information.

Marketplace valuation for third parties

74. Niche auctions

Many people are interested in working at home. Today there are auctions on physical sites, online auctions and even physical niche auctions. But what about online niche auctions?

If you are looking for ideas to do business online, you can open your own auction website and segment them based on the type of product to be auctioned. What businesses are there that are doing this or something similar? And, what names for art companies, for example, can I put? The Catawiki portal is one of them and its auctions are divided into different sections: jewelry, antiques, motorcycles, contemporary art, etc.

Niche auctions valuation

75. Senior Senior Consultant

You want to start an online business. Ideas and more ideas. That is what you need. The crisis was to blame for the departure of all kinds of level professionals from many companies before their time. Professionals with an average of 60 years, with accumulated work experience, knowledge in the sector and with contacts.

If you are wondering how to start your own business, you can consider the option of setting up a senior consultancy made up of all these professionals from different sectors who can add a lot of value with their experience to companies that have problems. A good example of this type of business is SECOT.

Consultant valuation of high-level seniors

76. Piercing jewelry online

Piercing Online Jewelry Business Ideas

Perhaps offering you industrial engineering business ideas is a bit complicated for what you are looking for. So let’s go with something a little simpler. How many young people do you see on the street who have a body piercing? And it is not only a fashion among the youngest!

You can set up your own online ecommerce where you sell piercings of all kinds. This is one of the ideas for doing business with little investment and several new entrepreneurial projects are appearing in this line. Some of them, which you can take a look at, are: BodyMod CrazyFactory or Piercing Paradise.

Online piercing jewelry rating

77. Online reputation by sector

The Internet has favored the appearance of original businesses in the world and one of them is online reputation consulting. You can offer this service for any type of company but it is recommended that you specialize in one sector.

Among the services you can provide are the monitoring of online activity, keywords, sentiment, influence and reputation. The investment will be relatively low since you will have to invest in an office or coworking space, hire professionals and pay for some tools such as Meltwater, Buzzmonitor or Tailwind. You can be inspired by some agencies that currently offer this service, such as the Sidn agency in Madrid.

Online Reputation Rating by Sector

78. Online congresses

If you are looking for ideas for companies, you may be interested in the universe of online congresses, a world with more and more demand that allows the number of participants to a congress to be scaled as they are virtual.

Whatever the theme of the congress (health, technology, medicine …) it can be offered online so that people from all over the world can attend and, at the end of the congress, that attendees have access to content and extra materials by paying. Without a doubt, this is one of the Internet business ideas that can be carried out.

Online Congress evaluation

79. Third party product affiliation

Third party product affiliation

One of the best businesses for young people is to have a quality blog where the author refers to third-party products or services by offering a link to them.

This is what is known as Affiliate Marketing and allows the blog author to profit from receiving a commission for each of the purchases or reservations that are made of the product or service in question from its link. How to start a business as a student? Here’s a good idea and the best … having a good blog requires a minimal investment.

third-party product affiliation rating

80. Consulting in provinces or small cities

Offering practical consulting services outside the main cities (other than the typical web creation, graphic design, audiovisual or e-commerce services, which are very saturated) is a business idea that deserves you to contemplate.

You can offer consulting services in provinces or small cities and give companies support in the search for business opportunities and suppliers. An example of a company that provides this service is the IVEX in Valencia.

Assessment Consulting in provinces or small cities

81. Online pillow business

If you are looking for small business ideas that can give you high profitability, setting up a pillow ecommerce with a reduced product offer is an interesting option.

In the past, this was one of those home businesses for entrepreneurs looking for something to sell at home.

We recommend that you start this ecommerce first with a reduced range of products and expand your offer based on the demand of your customer profile. You can offer different types of pillow, but only one model, or focus on a specific type of pillow and offer several models at different prices.

rating Online pillow business

82. Meetic, but for hobbies

The Meetic dating site is sure to sound familiar to you. If you are considering what business to put on the Internet, you can analyze portals of this type that work well and give them a spin. Think of Internet businesses for young people.

One possibility would be to create a Premium portal such as Meetic but for hobbies, whose objective was to put in contact young people who live in the same city and who share the same hobbies. Each user could add different filters and create an account type: girl / sport / mountain / climbing and find other people of the same age who are interested in the same thing.

Meetic rating, but for hobbies

Chapter ten

Business Ideas for Stores

Other simple businesses are all those that have to do with business ideas for stores . The new businesses of the year always include things related to the sale of products. If you are considering how to choose a business idea with the possibility of success, here may be what you need.

There are people looking for products for entrepreneurs. But what if you sell them?

83. Sale of frozen food

Do you remember those little neighborhood stores specializing in frozen products? If you want to know ideas to set up a gastronomic business, that do not require a lot of work in the kitchen or complicated recipes … this may be your ideal niche.

Companies such as the “La Sirena” chain of stores have been succeeding for more than 20 years in this specific sector of gastronomy. The secret is to adapt the offer and the business model to the needs of the clientele, who are increasingly focused on their working hours and with little time to cook. Another idea could be to create a business where companies can buy frozen products for the hospitality sector.

Valuation Sale of frozen food

84. Online stores for Spaniards around the world

Online stores for Spaniards around the world

How many times have you traveled to other places and have you missed some products from your country? You have probably had this feeling more than once. For this reason, among the best businesses to set up is that of opening an online store for Spaniards around the world.

You can set up an online business that sends Iberian ham, fabada and chorizo de cantimpalo to different countries. The strategy is for your ecommerce to offer the products of your country at a slightly higher price to supply your transport extras. Do you ask yourself «of what can I start a business? I hope not anymore!

Assessment Online stores for Spaniards around the world

85. Sale of clothes for plus size

If what you are looking for are ideas to set up a clothing store, or you already have an idea of how to start a clothing sales business, you should know that the more specialized the sector you are going to be. It is important that you know for which target audience you need a business idea for a clothing store.

I recommend you start your own clothing business for large sizes or plus size. And is that most textile chains do not take into account the less common sizes. If you want to sell something new this is your chance!

Valuation Sale of clothes for plus size

86. The botched shop

This idea is within the business trends of recent years. Everybody ever needs a drill, a hammer … and these kinds of tools to work at home. Try to think of ideas that do not exist or are not as widespread.

We suggest that you select products from certain brands and that you become an online seller / distributor. How to start a business of this type? Set up an ecommerce and advertise. The idea is that you offer online tools from other brands and a range of model models with a price of around € 150. You can send them for free or include shipping costs if they do not reach a minimum amount.

Rating The bungling shop

Chapter eleven

Business Ideas without Investment

One of the most attractive business ideas for most users are all those that have to do with undertaking without investment. Sometimes you wonder how to develop a business idea, but you realize that money is required to carry it out. Money you don’t have. So what options do you have? A business without investment is what you are looking for. Here you have business ideas without capital!

87. Sale of used products

This option is interesting because it starts from a business idea that is in full growth. But how do I start my own second-hand objects business? The main idea is simple: offering interesting used products (that are in good condition) at a price significantly lower than if they were new.

You decide the type of product. You can sell directly to the end user or to companies, for example, by offering second-hand dental laboratory tables. Then consider the type of store you want to set up, whether it is going to be a physical store or an online business. In any case, it is essential that you have a presence on the Internet and on social networks, since it is the best way to announce all the news.

Valuation Sale of used products

88. Translator

You look for ideas for jobs. You want to work. Well. In an increasingly global world, it is necessary to find professionals who speak different languages. How to open your own translation business for companies? With a minimal investment and following some tips.

We recommend that you focus on languages with strong demand such as English (although there is greater competition) or Chinese. And that you specialize in sectors that are also highly demanded by companies such as video games, software, mobile applications and websites. You can also set up an online translator agency or set up your own website. Some innovative service companies in this regard are TextMaster or BigBabbling.

Translator rating

89. Mystery shopping for senior executives

The “mystery shopper” technique consists of a person visiting shops incognito, as if they were a normal consumer in order to assess the quality of the actual service and the attention received just like any other consumer.

If you are looking for creative ideas to start a business and, in addition, you have contacts in the quality and marketing sector, you have the possibility of setting up your own Mystery Shopper agency. He begins to evaluate not only businesses but also the tasks of the top executives of some companies.

Mystery shopping appraisal for senior executives

90. Debt management

Business Ideas Debt Management

Can you imagine a family business of this type? Delinquency in commercial operations continues to be one of the pending issues for Spanish SMEs. In fact, 42% of Spanish SMEs allow their customers to pay the amount of the service or product after the deadline. And only 5% apply a surcharge when accepting those longer payment terms.

For this reason, one of the most necessary business opportunities is to create a kind of delinquency management agency that monitors the payments of all the clients of a company and ensures that they pay within the established term. Most debt collection agencies out there are chasing companies into paying, but they do not pre-follow up or report “compliant” clients.

Debt Management Valuation

91. Recovery of toys

Many internet users wonder how to make something to sell. However, one business idea that may work is a “toy hospital.” If you are looking for ideas to create a small business, you can dedicate yourself to repairing toys, not so much for children but for elderly people. What’s more, you can even pose it as one of those original online business ideas.

Many older people own toys from their childhood that are now true collector’s jewels and that they do not want to throw away, but rather seek to repair them. This business requires a minimal investment. Why not create toy factories that give homework to other people in the same situation as you?

assessment Recovery of toys

92. Last minute childcare

You want an idea to form a business. And surely you are familiar with a case of a caregiver who, at the last minute, has called a family to cancel her service. Or of a family that has an important issue, that she cannot at that moment take care of her children and that she does not know what to do.

Are you looking for business ideas to create service companies? Well, here it is! You can focus on last minute babysitting and charge a premium rate for this service. The investment is minimal if you do not have a website or advertise to make yourself known or set up an agency with more people, although perhaps it is not the best option.

Last minute babysitting assessment

Chapter twelve

Business Ideas from Home

Things that can be made at home to sell? Yes, you can, you heard right. There are home business ideas for mothers, fathers, young people … craft companies to work at home, such as selling simple crafts for birthdays.

And we are not referring to ideas to make at home and sell but to businesses that can be

93. Reinventing cruises

Let’s get down to business. You are looking for business 2021 Spain. Within this bank of business ideas, we also want to give you options that require a high investment but that, also, can bring enormous benefits.

How many kinds of businesses are there that are not reinvented? A lots of. But don’t let this happen to you! Look for original ideas for companies that already exist. In this case, the cruises. You can expand your line of business by offering river cruises, new alternative routes or themed cruises.

Some companies, such as Crystal Cruises, are even offering a new cruise concept such as the “air cruise” that involves the customer moving from place to place by plane spending a few days at each destination. Remember, original ideas = new business.

Review Reinventing cruises

94. Solar security

Are you looking for a business idea for this year? In the same way that solar panels and generators need a special cleaning process, they also require specific security protocols to protect them from theft.

The business ideas of the future are here. In fact, there are already American and European companies dedicated to protecting solar panels (such as Gridlocksolar) so you can raise this business as regional solar security consultants.

Solar Safety Assessment

95. Bio products for export

If you are looking for ideas to start a business, know that the sale of organic and organic products is expected to increase considerably in developed countries in the next few years.

Through the Internet, setting up your own ecommerce you can offer Spanish organic products in any country in the world. Keep in mind that Spain is the seventh country in the European Union with the largest market volume for organic products and that there is a wide range. Cheese and wine, in particular, are good ideas for organic export businesses.

Evaluation Bio products for export

96. Develop baby shower parties

Develop baby shower parties

Are you wondering how to start a micro-business? Baby shower parties are becoming more popular and the arrival of a baby is a special event that many families want to celebrate in style. Just as there are event companies that organize weddings, you can specialize and set up your own babyshower event agency.

You may be thinking, how can I start such a business? With a minimal investment! You can set up your website where you can offer all your services. Choosing the best location, food and drink, decoration or making a special video (in case the baby’s gender is to be announced at the party) can be some of your successful services to offer.

Evaluation Develop baby shower parties

97. Cleaning of solar installations

The care and cleaning of solar panels is a world apart and usual cleaning products cannot be used as they reduce the efficiency of this type of installation.

In a world in which we are tending to renewable energies, it is interesting to eliminate the difficulties that exist to find companies that are dedicated to cleaning and maintaining solar panels. If you are looking for the newest in business or looking for ideas to invest, this point may be a good option.

Assessment Cleaning of solar installations

98. Special cleaning and disinfection

The best businesses in Spain that are dedicated to thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning homes are Traumatic Cleaning or Biotrauma. And it is one of the newest businesses in Barcelona. However, these companies offer services for cleaning and decontamination of homes and in which there have been deaths, accidents with blood, murders, homicides or Diogenes syndrome.

But there are not so many business options that offer cleaning services for homes or businesses for more everyday cases. How does a wedding dining room look after the banquet? If you are looking for ideas to undertake, you can offer cleaning services for nightclubs, erotic shop booths, concert halls, restaurant kitchens, catering, etc.

assessment Special cleaning and disinfection

99. After-hours logistics solutions

Business ideas After-hours logistics solutions

Although there are already some operators, such as iBird, that offer home parcel deliveries until 10 at night, express logistics solutions are in high demand and much of it is still not satisfied.

You may wonder: what company can I set up in this sense? Well, a micro-company that offers, for example, an express express parcel delivery service at dawn. The good? By delivering packages in that time slot you can charge a significantly higher price for shipping.

assessment after-hours logistics solutions

100. Barrel rental

Are you looking for ideas for entrepreneurship in the world of wine? Rental business? As you already know, not everyone can afford to have their own vineyard. But you can rent a barrel of wine from a vineyard and then sell the bottles that come out of it.

Then you can set up your own ecommerce and offer corkscrews, bottle holders, thermometers, aroma books, wine tasting tours and wine bottles. Wine in Spain is one of the best products for doing business and… you don’t have to have your own vineyard to earn money!

Barrel rental assessment

101. Residencias de ancianos urbanas

We have already analyzed more than 100 business ideas but if you are looking for good businesses to set up, we suggest that you take a look at the current concept of nursing homes. Remember, you can be an entrepreneur without managing your own idea!

While traditional residences are of considerable size and are generally located far from city centers, you can set up your own chain of high-end apartments, scattered around the center, accommodating a maximum of 5 elderly people each and having personalized attention 24/7.

Also, as a complement, you can create a help dossier with 150 ideas for apartment design and look for partners who can help you. Remember: The best companies to invest in are your own!

Valuation of residences for urban elderly

102. Manage employee exchange

There are easy entrepreneurial ideas like this one. You ask yourself “What business can I do?” If your goal is to set up an innovative business, one option is to manage the exchange of employees between companies in different sectors.

Two companies that belong to different sectors (for example, a law firm and an insurance company) can find it very enriching to collaborate for certain projects to acquire knowledge and a different vision from the one they have of the other sector instead of going to a consultancy . For many companies, having professionals to help find staff from other specialties to collaborate on projects would be very useful and can be an interesting business niche. With an expected high demand, it is one of the trends to undertake that are on the rise.

Valuation Manage employee exchange

103. Rental of maids and butlers

For those who do not want to have an assistant or assistant 24 hours a day, the option of renting a butler for weeks, days or even just a few hours may be interesting.

If you are looking for types of companies to create and you are interested in original online businesses, you can consider setting up your own rental agency for maids or butlers. but this is not all, your company can also offer complementary services such as: training of service personnel, butler for companies or selection of private service personnel as the agency does BvMayordomos .

Rental of assistants and butlers

104. A rusticae of tattoo artists

We have already talked about more than 100 small businesses and we have given the keys on how to choose a business. But now we have to say that tattoos are in fashion and more and more people of all ages decide to cheer up and adorn their skin. Therefore, if you are looking for innovative ideas for business, one possibility is that you consider creating a network of tattoo artists with a quality guarantee.

How to generate innovative business ideas from an activity that already exists? The idea is that you get to make tattooing a comprehensive experience and integrate services that go beyond the simple fact of tattooing. And how to carry out a business idea like this?

Our recommendation is that you start by opening a center in which you offer not only different tattoo designs but also training in the necessary aftercare, possibility of tattoo removal, aesthetic advice, skin care, tattoo maintenance, etc.

Rating A rusticae of tattooists

105. Double the garage space in the chalets

Parking is increasingly difficult in large cities and high prices for garage spaces limit families with more than one vehicle.

Among the curious business ideas that we have mentioned in this list, it also occurs to us that there is business in the distribution of parking solutions for families such as the “parking lift”, as well as in their installation and maintenance. This lift allows families to take advantage of the vertical space of a garage to put two vehicles, instead of just one, in the same space. This solution is already offered by some companies such as Equipo Taller.

Assessment Doubling the garage space in the chalets

106. Export product packs

The idea of a company begins by reading an article like this. Foods from a specific geographic area are products for starting a business! And it is that a good idea nowadays to sell food products outside of Spain is to do it through a consortium of food producers.

Setting up an online store with a minimum investment that offers different products from a specific geographical area is one of the ideas for small businesses that we give you from here. In this way you will not only be taking different food to other parts of the world but you will help more rural businesses grow.

Rating Export product packs

107. Sports photography for families

Within the sports business ideas there are many types of youth leagues and many possible businesses around the world of football. If you are considering how to start a micro-business that works, sports photography for families may be an alternative to consider. Most parents like to see their children play like real stars.

You can offer families or players themselves some photo products, sell creative ideas to families, offer innovative and creative products for students, original ideas for school projects, montage of family photos or ideas of innovative projects for students. Use your imagination and earn money with sports photography! As soon as you get clients you can take photos of sports business administration. Why not?

Sports photography assessment for families

Chapter thirteen

Different Business Ideas

Here are the most popular Different Business Ideas:

108. Hyperlocal news

Hyperlocal news

If you are wondering “how to set up my own news business in Spain” know that … you have options! One of them is to set up a kind of local online news agency.

What business can you set up? You can offer your information as local editions online for newspapers that do not have staff to cover this type of local news. These types of ventures already exist in the United States (an example is the online newspaper The Patch) but more and more entrepreneurial businesses of this type are appearing in Europe.

Hyperlocal News valuation

109. Quality freelance in other languages

You have to know how to detect the business opportunity of a company. Did you know that there are currently more than 20 million freelancers working in the European Union? The expert’s country of origin does not matter! The Internet has revolutionized geographical limits, any freelance can provide their services in different parts of the world without leaving home. If you wanted ideas for freelancers here you have it.

If you work as a freelancer, you do not want to invest in creating your own website and you want to be part of business projects, you can register on some platforms such as Workana in which different companies register their projects in search of freelancers who can help them update their web, design your logo, program your mobile app, write articles and much more.

Freelance quality assessment in other languages

110. Historical advice for audiovisual productions

You are asking yourself, “what does it take to create a business?” Good ideas. And here’s another one. In order not to make major historical mistakes in movies and series, many production companies ask for advice for their films on all their ideas for homemade shorts.

Therefore, within this list of business ideas, an audiovisual consultancy aimed at both the national and international markets cannot be absent. And what new ideas to sell can you specialize in? Well, for example, in carrying out studies of landscapes, electrical appliances, clothes … to know those of each era. This way you will be able to advise the products to correctly set their audiovisual productions.

Business Ideas Historical advice for audiovisual productions

111. Special toys for children with disabilities

Business Ideas Special toys for children with disabilities

How to generate business ideas so that parents can buy toys for children with disabilities? Selling toys for them is an innovative business idea. In fact, these toys have become one of the hottest products of 2021.

Pre-braille toys, building blocks for children suffering from cerebral palsy, light and sound games to train the senses, inflatable balls to promote coordination, there are options currently on the market – such as the PlazaToy company – that do not satisfy all the demand. Think of new business ideas and ideas for complementary services that you can offer to families to promote the development of their children.

Business Ideas Special toys for children with disabilities

112. Solidarity experiences for executives

If you are one of those who thinks “I would like to have a business but I don’t know about what” and, in addition, you would like to raise funds for people with limited resources, you can work as an intermediary between NGOs and senior managers.

At a time when donations to organizations of this type are not abundant, you could offer executives of large companies and successful entrepreneurs the possibility of actively participating in social projects of different NGOs. You can work for various international NGOs to take a commission for fundraising. If you are looking for cheap business ideas, here is an alternative! Join the career of solidarity entrepreneurs.

Business Ideas Solidarity experiences for executives

113. Cultural editorial content

If you wonder what business to set up. Perhaps this is one of the oldest businesses. There are some museums in the world, such as the Smithsonian, that have their own magazine. Why is the same not the case with other museums such as the Prado or the Thyssen?

If you are thinking about business business ideas, you can focus on publishing marketing editorial content, both online and offline, promoting museums, concert halls, exhibitions … To promote yourself, you can launch a free investment magazine.

Business Ideas Cultural editorial content

Chapter fourteen

Ideas de Negocio de Gastronomía

Are you one of those who is convinced that gastronomy is the best business of the moment? Would you like to find a business to start and that is also one of those necessary businesses in your city? Welcome to gastronomy business ideas ! This section of the post is designed for you. Especially if your motto is “be my own boss.”

Gastronomic businesses are a trend. If you have any culinary talent, nutritional knowledge, you have experience in this sector… It could be an opportunity for you! Get ready to know the 10 innovative business ideas related to the world of gastronomy.

114. Gourmet Products

Within successful service businesses… Do you know Gourmet products? These special gastronomic products are fashionable among all lovers of good food and the foodie community.

Selling gourmet products is an original business idea that can work well. A Gourmet shop is specialized in special products due to the characteristics of its preparation. They do not have to be expensive and exclusive. They are handcrafted products designed for those diners who enjoy a good product or in other words, haute cuisine.

One of the most striking success stories in recent years is the Petra Mora gourmet products store, originally from Zamora and specializing in meat from animals that grow in freedom and with natural food.

Gourmet Products Business Ideas

115. New Flavors Club

Can you imagine setting up a gastronomic laboratory? Another idea to start a gastronomic business is to set up a club in which new flavors are encouraged. Anyone can go to a restaurant to eat sushi, a good stew or more gourmet dishes. But how many new flavor clubs are there?

You could create private tastings for lovers of the new, create food sets to sell. Tasting Collective is a private New York club that hosts dinners where diners try new dishes from renowned chefs who need to experiment before putting those recipes on their menus. You just want successful business ideas and this could be the one you are looking for!

New Flavors Club Business Ideas

h3 class=”mt-0″> 116. Homemade Cooking Market by Amateurs

It may sound like one of those crazy businesses, but… It’s not! In recent years we have seen how the take-out business, dedicated to packaging and sending home ready-to-go dishes to our homes, has increased exponentially. It’s one of those simple yet awesome home experiments that you can decide to undertake.

If you are an amateur cook this could be a great business ideas for food.
Numerous types of opportunities enter this niche. You can offer from home-cooked food at home to something more exclusive, for parties for example. One of the reference success stories is found in EatWith, a company of Israeli origin that is already present in more than 155 cities around the world. Among them Barcelona. It specializes in offering a wide portfolio of professionals who cook at home, usually amateur.

Business Ideas Home Kitchen Market by Amateurs

117. Restaurant specialized in a specific niche

How about setting up a restaurant specialized in a specific niche? In this segment, the projects to be undertaken are infinite. Business news in the gastronomic world have not stopped growing in recent years.

Here we tell you about possible businesses to set up in the restaurant, bar and gastronomic establishment sector so that you can find inspiration. How to set up a bar and survive?

118. Vegetarian restaurant

Wondering how to be your own boss? It is fashionable. When you look for entrepreneurial original ideas, you come across many, such as the sale of food. Therefore, vegetarian food is another one of those original ideas for businesses related to cooking. In fact, the vegan and vegetarian food boom is in full swing. If you know this trend, you like it and you have an original proposal, this may be your idea for your own business.

There are many examples that work well in the market, but the most striking for us is the Crucina restaurant in Madrid. It was the first raw vegan place in Spain and Europe and they cook their recipes only with vegetables and at less than 41º of temperature.

119. Low Calorie Restaurant

The cult of the body and healthy habits have become a way of life. We are increasingly aware of the importance of being well inside and out.

For this reason, I brought you one of the fun businesses that you can set up in the gastronomic sector, and original! Setting up a restaurant with a low-calorie menu can be an important differentiating feature compared to other restaurants specializing in the “more healty” trend.

120. Aphrodisiac food restaurant

This proposal is for the most daring. Yes, this is one of those ideas for entrepreneurs who go for little-known ideas. How many aphrodisiac food restaurants do you know?

Specialized in bachelor parties … It can be an original business idea.

Did you know that food is a fabulous aphrodisiac, capable of turning a man to 100 or a woman to 100, in a matter of minutes? If you are one of those who likes to take risks, think about this proposal.

121. Diabetic food restaurant

Do you wonder what kind of ventures there are in the gastronomy sector? If you are wondering how to have a successful own business, this niche may interest you. We all know fast food businesses, but imagine taking that project one step further. Cover the demand of a niche population with a disease such as diabetes.
If you are wondering what it takes to set up a fast food business for a specific type of niche, such as diabetes, you should take into account that the food is healthy, have flexibility with the size of the servings, have a very detailed menu … And above all, never forget the needs of a clientele that has a special characteristic like this.

122. International gastronomy: Arabic

Sometimes you wonder what business can be done to be successful in life. If what you are thinking about is ideas to open a restaurant, specializing in Arabic cuisine is also a good option.

You could approach it with an original touch, such as also offering Arabic recipes with creative ideas of food for children. In this way, you could turn your place into a perfect place for parents who like this type of food to bring their children.

You could also focus it on a tea business, in which in addition to traditional Arab recipes, you specialize in pairing your recipes with typical teas from the area.

123. International gastronomy: Japanese

One of the small productive businesses in the gastronomic sector that have had the most success in recent times has been related to Japanese food. It doesn’t matter where you are, or who you come to. The best country to start a business of this type is… Anyone! Almost 80% of the population loves Japanese cuisine.

There is a real boom for Japanese food … that’s why it is important that your main mantra – if you decide to bet on this niche – is “I want to sell something new.” What could it be? You don’t have to start a restaurant. You can offer courses to teach the best recipes, or a sushi Do It Yoursefl, in which customers choose the ingredients for their dishes. You can also create a Japanese-style tapas bar.

To give you inspiration, we found a good example in the restaurant specialized in Ramen Kgura , in Madrid. In addition to having a more than deserved fame in the capital, they offer courses to teach how to make their ramen. And they always sell out right away!

124. International gastronomy: China

What do you think about setting up a Chinese food restaurant? One of the big businesses in catering is that of local Chinese. In recent years these places have been able to reinvent themselves; from changing its aesthetics to make it more modern, to entering original offers such as the world’s kitchen smartboxes.

There are many examples of Chinese food restaurants that have managed to reinvent themselves. Perhaps one of the most striking that we can find in Madrid is “El Buda Feliz”, one of the traditional Chinese restaurants, which has completely changed to offer avant-garde cuisine at interesting prices. If you are thinking about this specific niche, be sure to go.

125. International gastronomy: Brazilian

The exotic is in fashion. Brazilian cuisine has a lot to offer: from tasty and original dishes, to the sale of special products of its gastronomy …

If you know its culture and you are passionate about the taste of its dishes, this niche is for you. As in the previous cases. I recommend that you always look for originality to differentiate yourself from the competition.

126. International gastronomy: Mexican

Long live Mexico! Mexican gastronomy has turned out to be one of the ideas to create a small business that is most successful in the gastronomic sector. Its culture makes it have an important gastronomic breadth. From the classic burritos, to cocktails, seafood, cooking classes … and the classic tequilas and mezcals.

A good case of success is the Mano de Santo store in Seville. Its success is based on differentiation. They have specialized in pairing tacos and mezcals.

127. International gastronomy: India

The time has come to analyze Indian gastronomy in our culinary business ranking.

Indian cuisine also offers many possibilities for innovation. Thanks to its European influence, we can find such interesting proposals as La Porte Des Indes in London, a restaurant that blends traditional French cuisine with the best-known recipes from India.

128. International gastronomy: Thai

Thai culture has become one of the best known in recent years. In fact, Thailand has positioned itself as one of the favorite destinations for Europeans. Its culture, its people, its landscapes, its gastronomy….

Finding a Thai restaurant is pretty straightforward. You can find them practically in any city in the world. But what if you evolve the concept a little more? Among the steps to building a successful business is to differentiate yourself. If you decide on this market niche, you could create a center specialized in Thai gastronomy and massages, for example. The offer is wide and Thai culture is booming!

129. International gastronomy: Mediterranean

The Mediterranean diet was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2013. It is a symbol of the culture of many European countries, such as Greece, Italy or France, but also of other countries such as Morocco or Tunisia. And consequently it is also a business idea in Spain.

In this niche, the possibilities are endless. The knowledge that is had about the Mediterranean gastronomy, joins the great variety of products and services that can be offered. You can offer courses on Mediterranean cuisine, which include different types such as Italian cuisine, Greek cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Moroccan cuisine … Even opening a restaurant of fusion cuisine with different styles.

The success stories that we find in this segment are infinite, but if we have to stay with an original proposal, we opted for the proposal made by the Centro Superior de Hostelería Mediterráneo, with full degrees, monographic courses …

Business Ideas International Gastronomy: Mediterranean

Chapter Fifteen

Business Ideas by Ages

At this point we want to differentiate a series of businesses by age. Ideas continue to be related to gastronomy. But the differentiation at this time is that it is based on the age of our target audience .

130. Food for children

Imagine having ideas for crafts that the children can make on the plates that they will later eat. There are many types of business ideas focused on children, but this is one of the most promising.

This trend is becoming more and more fashionable. Children do crafts for school constantly. Why not use it so that they know better what they are eating? Gastronomy offers many possibilities for children to have fun eating healthy. One of those curious crafts for children in the kitchen can be to make bread with fun shapes or healthy cookies. This is just an idea of ​​entrepreneurship projects for schools.

In this sense, teaching joint classes for parents and children can be one of the most popular youth business ideas in this sector. If you like cooking and children … this idea may be interesting for you. You could create a business start-up manual with original interesting crafts and ideas for making crafts with friends who want to join your business.

131. Food for seniors

Another of the gastronomic businesses that can work well in the current times is that of making food for the elderly. Founding a catering specialized in the need of the elderly is interesting for several reasons:

  • There are more and more nursing homes that demand catering services specialized in the diet that older people must follow. Important factors such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, intolerances, medication must be taken into account. It is a very specialized and rare niche.
  • There is a part of the elderly population that needs to receive this service at home. People who can no longer cook but live at home.

This is the case of Enasui catering, specialized in day centers and specific diets for the elderly.

132. Food for workers

Another of those innovative ideas for gastronomic products and services is to create a company that offers food for workers. Tight schedules, lack of time to go shopping and then cook and the concern to eat healthy come together to give rise to a very profitable business idea in recent times.

We all know examples like Wetaca, which brings you home-cooked food in portions / tuppers so that cooking is your last concern of the day.

Business valuation Food for workers

Chapter sixteen

Original Business Ideas

Although we continue to talk about business ideas related to the world of gastronomy, we want to differentiate these new ideas that seem totally original to us. Do not set limits when it comes to wanting to undertake. The craziest businesses are sometimes the most profitable.

133. Local Delicatessen Market Place

Do you wonder how I can start my own business related to food? If you are looking for ideas to start a small business within this sector, this may be interesting for you. Before we already talked about the business of sale of Gourmet products, but this proposal goes a step further.

Each area has its products, whether they are cheeses, sausages, wines, honey … Imagine the potential of being able to sell these products in your locality. It is a business suitable for entrepreneurs crazy about the world of gastronomy. And it is that they are innovative and creative products that are easy to make.

One of the most notable examples can be found in Barcelona, ​​where a couple of lovers of local gastronomy set up All Those a few years ago, a market where local Catalan products of all kinds are exhibited. It is held twice a year and already has national and international recognition.

Market Place business valuation of local Delicatessen

134. Cocktails at home

Another of the innovative ideas of products and services in the hospitality sector or ideas to form a micro-business is to bring cocktails to your home. In fact, it has become one of the innovative businesses in 2018. If there are companies dedicated to bringing food to your home, why not cocktails?

It can save life at more than one party or event. It is one of those original businesses that where they go, they succeed. In fact, one of the most notable success stories is found in a business called “Cocktails at Home”, which, although they do not specialize in going directly to your home to make them, have a channel full of recipes and tips for you to learn how to make them yourself.

Cocktails delivery business valuation

135. Democratize gastronomic information

How many online and printed publications do you know about quality gastronomic information? There are some such as Tapas, or supplements in general newspapers such as El Comidista en el País.

If you are interested in the world of gastronomic information, this idea may be interesting for you, but you should bear in mind that the world of information is not an easy business, with which you can achieve secure recurring income or high profitability .

Business assessment Democratize gastronomic information

Chapter seventeen

Innovative Business Ideas

Are you one of those who thinks “I want to start a business related to health”? The first steps in creating your own business are choosing what you want to do. The theme. So this is your section. In this category we have included all those ideas of companies related to the health sector . Because health always represents innovation.

136. Health law in the provinces

Is your training related to the world of health and law and you wonder how to choose a good business that combines both sectors? This idea interests you. Perhaps it is one of the best micro-enterprises of the moment.

Health law at the provincial level is in high demand. If you have specialized in this branch, you are looking for an original business idea and you want to start a new project, this niche may be yours. This is just one example of civil law business management.

There are already numerous provincial associations focused on specific tenders in these areas. If you’re just out of law school, this youth small business idea may be your thing.

Health law business valuation in provinces

137. Medical tourism platforms

There is a saying that goes “to small ideas, big deals.” That’s what the first person who invested in this sector must have thought. Medical or wellness tourism platforms have become a very interesting business proposition in recent years.

Health and tourism is a combination that works, and creating a platform focused on this market niche is a wise move. Especially due to the intense demand of the population looking for something more when it comes to closing their desired vacations.

Business assessment Medical tourism platforms

138. Nomenclatura médica común

¿Quienes son las personas de negocios? Todo aquel que tiene su propia empresa. Por eso aquí te traigo una de las ideas para recaudar dinero para el viaje fin de carrera si estás estudiando algo relacionado con el mundo de la salud.

¿Te habías planteado crear un diccionario con la nomenclatura médica común? Es original y una buena forma de poder conseguir tus deseados ingresos para el viaje de fin de curso. Además, siempre puedes escalar el negocio si ves que funciona.

Business assessment Common medical nomenclature

Chapter eighteen

Fun Business Ideas

Who doesn’t want to have a business idea that becomes a constant source of income? Here we include all leisure-related business opportunities , ideas for original businesses and everything that we find fun. Creative ideas!

139. Decorated Cakes

You are looking for small businesses, ideas to earn a living. Well, for many years we have seen that baking is not just a job for girls. The passion for sweets is the same for everyone.

Answer me a question … Do you love sweets? Cakes, cakes, cookies, ice cream … And make and decorate them? If the answer is yes, in this section I bring you one of the ideas to set up an online business or in a physical establishment. Here’s how to come up with business ideas for this niche in the market.

140. Decorated cakes for christenings

Within the new entrepreneurial businesses, decorated cakes for christenings are a good example of a business idea that can be implemented in this specific sector. If you have a large dose of imagination and you love the theme, this specialty may be the ideal one for you.

141. Decorated cakes for weddings

Do you have in your head the image of successful professionals who are dedicated to the world of wedding confectionery? If so, decorating wedding cakes is your best option. You can combine it with your knowledge of how to set up an event room, if you have one, or with the knowledge you have of other businesses.

142. Decorated cakes for baby showers

Among the best micro-enterprises, cakes decorated for a baby shower are one of those personalized things to sell at very specific events. If you are one of those business people who invest in original ideas, this is yours.


143. Decorated cakes for farewells

Among the ideas to generate a business, decorated cakes for bachelor parties are also a fun and viable business idea if you know how to promote it. There is nothing like turning to creativity and crafts to do business in the world of cooking.

144. Decorated cakes for celebrations

You may be wondering and make my own cake business decorated for celebrations? It is also a good option not to focus on a very specific niche and to offer different products depending on the event. If you do a simple search on the internet putting home channel easy celebrations you can find a great source of inspiration.

145. Decorated cakes for birthdays

You need work ideas. Decorated birthday cakes are one of those ideas of things to sell at school. If you focus this idea on a niche as accurate as children’s birthdays, you will have a better chance of succeeding. And is that when you are looking for ideas for school parties such as birthday celebrations in schools you can find a great niche to attack.

Business assessment Decorated cakes for birthdays

Chapter nineteen

Kitchen Business Ideas

Do you want to discover Kitchen Business Ideas? Then continue reading

146. Cooking Classes

We had already referred to this sector, but cooking classes have become an attraction for all time in profile: young, mature or old. Men, women and children… Cooking has become a kind of crafts to eat rich and healthy.

Why not exploit it? I give you some ideas of micro-businesses for women, for example. This can also be applied to men. The love for cooking does not understand sexes.

147. Gourmet dessert cooking classes

You wonder how to start a business idea. Well, take your electric egg whites and get ready because this business idea is yours if you like to take gourmet recipes to another level. If your favorite dish is dessert, and you love high-class confectionery, stay with this niche.

148. Gourmet rice cooking classes

Rice cookers of the world! One of the innovative business projects in the gourmet sector that succeeds is the rice cooking classes. Making rice is not easy and everyone loves it. This business idea is, without a doubt, a success if you know how to do it and dare to teach the technique.


149. Gourmet meat cooking classes

You want your own business. Know how to start generating new income. Meat lovers also find a corner in this business idea: Give classes in gourmet cooking specialized in meats, how to prepare it, choose it, its cuts…

150. Gourmet fish cooking classes

Do you want home business ideas? Gourmet cooking classes specialize in fish, it is one of those businesses for large or small neighborhoods; capital or town … It does not matter. Sea lovers will appreciate having this service to learn the best recipes.

151. Gourmet sauce cooking classes

Some young entrepreneurs from Almería organized gourmet sauce cooking classes and succeeded. How about exporting the idea to your area? It sure works.

Business valuation Gourmet cooking classes of sauces

And now yes, with the last business proposal we have finished the article of 1492 business ideas ordered by sectors and, above all, by profitability … Excuse me? How? There are no 1492 business ideas here. There are “only” 151! Indeed. You are right. The 1492 ideas were just a random number, to get your attention and give you the opportunity to discover the best business idea today.

What we have wanted to do here is to facilitate your work so that you can choose the business idea that best suits what you are looking for.

If you are interested in a particular sector, you can go directly to its section. Or if what you want is to know the profitability of each of the businesses that you can set up, you also have that information.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you of the Top1 of the best business ideas, the development and sale of Mobile Apps without programming . We encourage you to watch our free webinar and launch your own successful business.

Also, if you find the article interesting, do not hesitate to share it on social networks and with all those you know who you think may be interested. You never know who may have the next successful business idea that will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars!