Build an App for your restaurant

Nowadays it is essential that your restaurant has a practical and efficient App that allows you to receive orders from your customers, publish your menu and update it, manage table reservations and launch offers. All this and much more, from a powerful management panel.

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Some mobile mockups with screenshots of some restaurant mobile Apps

The same technology used by the big chains

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Custom messages

Surprise your customers with geolocated push notifications on their devices.

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Advanced CMS for order management and accelerate your revenue!

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Automatic reservations

Receive bookings directly from your customers and don't miss opportunities.

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Engagement strategy

Offer discount cards, QR codes and keep your customers coming back.

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Customer acquisition

Position yourself in the markets, become visible and get customers every day.

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Observe your users' behavior and win them over with offers.

why does your restaurant need an App?

Do you think it still makes sense to receive your table reservations and orders by phone? We know it doesn't and your competition knows it too. The Mobile First era has arrived to change the business scheme and now everything is operated from devices; and so have the big corporations. We want you to do it too, That's why we help you to take this great leap with advanced technology and the best mobile marketing techniques without any financial effort for you.

Benefits of
restaurant Apps

Surely you have imagined some of them, but many of them are escaping you. In addition to having an efficient management panel for reservations and orders, with your restaurant's App you can upload all the content you want and update it (photos, videos, menus, interactive map, events, etc.). You will be able to open communication channels with your public, be present on Google and Apple, launch promotions and position yourself above your competition, etc.

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Mobile mockups with screenshots of some restaurant Apps
Mobile mockups with a restaurant App

New services for your customers

Having an App will provide your business with services you didn't have before. You will receive constant feedback from your customers, thanks to new communication channels through which you can receive ratings, reviews and recommendations about your restaurant and its menu. You will be able to send offers through push notifications based on what they have told you and offer them a hyper-personalized experience. In addition, the optimal automation and updating of our technology will keep your product and customer information up to date.

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Main features
for your restaurant App

Mobile technology is as extensive as it is precise, That's why you must be clear about the features you will provide your App with before creating it. Here are the ones that could be more focused on the growth of your business.

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  • Bookings management

    You will have a management panel that will manage the reservations and extract the data of your customers so that you can keep in touch with them.

  • Automatic reviews

    Your customers will be able to leave comments and ratings about their experience, which will increase your search engine rankings and promotion.

  • Ordering system

    Customers will be able to order from the App and pay with it in just one click. This will increase the average ticket of your restaurant.

Mockup of a cell phone with a screenshot of a restaurant mobile App
  • Push notifications

    Send your customers personalized notifications with offers, as well as geolocated messages when they pass by your competitors' stores.

  • Engagement system

    Use the communication channels to talk to your customers and offer them discounts, promotions, cards, etc. You'll see how they come back!

  • Analytics System

    You will be able to see the behavior of your customers and activate specific sales techniques to keep them or get them back in case they have left

Save money

Your own App will not only impact your revenue generation and customer conversion, it will also directly save you money in managing and promoting your business.

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    Reservations and orders

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    Mailing and advertising

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    SMS sending

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    Loyalty cards

Business intelligence at the service of your business

What can't be measured can't be improved. That's why we include a powerful analytics and business intelligence system that will allow you to monitor the use that your users make of your mobile App, as well as access their profiles to know them better, segment them by interests, check the status of your sales and even send them individual push notifications.

some screens of the Business intelligence tool
Would you like us to take care of everything?

None of our tools require any technical or programming knowledge.

However, if you already have a business or are thinking of launching one, you may not have the time to create or design your own mobile application, website or funnels. If this is your case, or if you need a custom development, our team can do it for you and take care of the whole process of design, configuration and publication of the product you want to launch or even its copywriting.